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YDSA GW is a George Washington University affiliate of Young Democratic Socialists of America.

It started as Our Revolution in 2016, became Young Progressives Demanding Action in 2017, and morphed into YDSA GW in 2018.

Young Progressives Demanding Action Executive Board

YDSA GW May 7, 2017:


We are proud to announce our 2017-2018 Young Progressives Demanding Action Executive Board! Thank you to everyone who applied, we hope to see more passionate students on our action committees next year. We look forward building a community on our campus and fighting for progressive change. — with Josh Cam, Caroline Zagraniczny, Logan Malik, Eden Vitoff, Ann Marie, Erica Jung, John Kim, Alaina Taylor, Alex Schrank, Henry Manning, Ashwin Umapathi and Mark McKibbin.

Lobying against DeVos

YDSA GW January 30, 2017:

Today, members of Young Progressives Demanding Action lobbied against the appointment of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.

During her confirmation hearing, it became painfully clear that she is in no way qualified to hold that position. Her embarrassing unwillingness to elaborate on basic policy ideas highlighted her utter lack of experience.


If her record suggests anything though, it's that she is not a friend to publi... See More — with Tyler Chalfant, Josh Cam, Akaash Kolluri, John Kim, Matthew Zimmer, Eden Vitoff, Gillian Michalowski and Abby Brook.

Keith Ellison connection

YDSA GW February 13, 2017 ·

Speaking with Keith Ellison on a conference call right now!


"There is an unbroken line of political engagement from when I was 18 years old to now at 53 years old... I want to be a part of leveraging [young] talent, and that is my commitment to you." — with Matthew Zimmer, Nino Aspanadze, Tyler Chalfant, Alex Schrank and John Kim.

YDSA Steering Committee Meeting w/ PSU


Public · Hosted by YDSA GW and George Washington University Progressive Student Union.

Sunday, November 11, 2018 at 5:15 PM – 6:15 PM[1]

The New Nepal and its Place in Asia & the World


Hosted by Internationalist Students' Front at GW and Students for Justice in Palestine at GW, YDSA GW and ANSWER Coalition.

Saturday, November 17, 2018 at 1 PM – 4 PM

Jack Morton Auditorium

805 21st Street NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20052

The Internationalist Students' Front at GW is proud to announce our first major event of the semester, The New Nepal!

We are bringing this event to campus for a couple reasons. Over the past two decades, Nepal has undergone a major political transformation. This will be a historic opportunity to hear exciting new developments in the country and region, as Nepal transforms from a feudal monarchy to a rapidly developing republic.

A country that is landlocked between two major superpowers India and China, Nepal is a country whose own voice is seldom heard. We will be joined by high-ranking Nepalese statesmen to discuss developments in the country and their first-hand experiences with the challenges and success they've faced in an ever-changing landscape.

The speakers for the day will be:

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YDSA GW Steering Committee Closed Facebook Group, accessed May 28, 2018;


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