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Josh Cam is a Washington DC activist.

PSL connection


Josh Cam, second from left.



YDSA GW Closed Facebook Group members, accessed May 28, 2018 members included Josh Cam:

Young Progressives Demanding Action Executive Board

YDSA GW May 7, 2017:


We are proud to announce our 2017-2018 Young Progressives Demanding Action Executive Board! Thank you to everyone who applied, we hope to see more passionate students on our action committees next year. We look forward building a community on our campus and fighting for progressive change. — with Josh Cam, Caroline Zagraniczny, Logan Malik, Eden Vitoff, Ann Marie, Erica Jung, John Kim, Alaina Taylor, Alex Schrank, Henry Manning, Ashwin Umapathi and Mark McKibbin.

Lobying against DeVos

YDSA GW January 30, 2017:

Today, members of Young Progressives Demanding Action lobbied against the appointment of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.

During her confirmation hearing, it became painfully clear that she is in no way qualified to hold that position. Her embarrassing unwillingness to elaborate on basic policy ideas highlighted her utter lack of experience.


If her record suggests anything though, it's that she is not a friend to publi... See More — with Tyler Chalfant, Josh Cam, Akaash Kolluri, John Kim, Matthew Zimmer, Eden Vitoff, Gillian Michalowski and Abby Brook.

Our Revolution comrades

YDSA GW October 26, 2016:


With Keiko Tsuboi, Olive Eisdorfer and Josh Cam.

"The people united will never be defeated!"

YDSA GW October 22, 2016


The people united will never be defeated! George Washington University Progressive Student Union — with Keiko Tsuboi, Eden Vitoff, Olive Eisdorfer, Frank Santos Fritz, Julia Grifferty and Josh Cam.

Our Revolution GW

YDSA GW October 22, 2016:

Even at 1:50 in the morning, Our Revolution is revved up and ready to go!

Members of our org are joining the group of GW students traveling by bus to Harvard University to stand in solidarity with Harvard's dining hall workers who have been on strike for several weeks.


Every full time worker deserves a living wage. And Harvard, the richest university in the world, should provide this for their hardest working employees. — with Olive Eisdorfer, Keiko Tsuboi, Nino Aspanadze, Julia Grifferty, Lily Barrett, Frank Santos Fritz, Eden Vitoff and Josh Cam.