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Tai Joselyn is a member at Year Up Greater Philadelphia. He is the son of Eric Joselyn and Ellen Somekawa.


  • Studies Computer science at Community College of Philadelphia
  • Studies Information of Technology (IT) at Peirce College
  • Went to Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts


2011 MidAutumn Festival

Asian Americans United September 5, 2011:


AAU artist Kathy Shimizu is back to work on MidAutumn Festival :-) Cheers to all our friends! Please share this flyer & the FB event page! — with Lai Har Cheung, Maitrivia Liem, Hon Lui, Chi-Ser Tran, Matt Tae, Srey Boss, Tai Joselyn, Alia Nakashima, Renyu Wu, Ling Lin, Debbie Wei, Duong Nghe Ly, Brandon Huynh, Debora Kodish, Doua Xiong, Lizzy Lee, Wei Chen, Karen Worley and Oh Peou.

AAU Summer Program

Asian Americans United June 11, 2013:


Thanks to those who came/supported the AAU Summer Program Bubble Tea Happy Hour! If you would still like to make a contribution to our summer program, please donate through our website at www.aaaunited.org. — with Chris Wong, Wei Chen, Brandon Tran, Hee Young Yim, Alix Mariko Webb, Trang Dang, Edward Deng, Doua Xiong, Tai Joselyn, Lai Har Cheung, Srey Boss, Lizzy Lee, Dawn Werme Pratson, Eric Joselyn, Maxine Chang, Kotaro Fujita, Yingci Chen, Mary Yee, Kay Yoon, Claire Yoo, Matt Tae, Xu Lin and Erina Zheng.

AAU Mid-Autumn Festival

Asian Americans United, September 13, 2013:


MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL TOMORROW! We encourage you to post pictures using #phillymaf2013 and #asianamericansunited on fb, twitter, & instagram!! See you at the festival! — with Brandon Tran, Binh Ta, Yingci Chen, Huidan Mei, Xu Lin, Neeta Patel, Jieying Chen, Betty Lui, Wei Chen, Amy Lee, Yuxiao Chen, Ellen Somekawa, Alice Vuong, Edward Deng, Judy At Aau, Chris Wong, Maxine Chang, Tai Joselyn, Helen Gym, Adriene Khon and Joan May T. Cordova.

Asian Americans United - 28th Anniversary

Asian Americans United November 19, 2013:

Cheers and thanks to all who volunteered (Go AAU, go!), sponsored, hosted, donated, presented, emceed, deejayed, cooked, mixed sangria, performed and celebrated at AAU's memorable 28th anniversary benefit concert/dance featuring Nobuko Miyamoto with Theo Gonzalves! Intergenerational groups presented AAU's Standing Up for Justice Awards to Grayce Uyehara, John Elliott Churchville, and 1Love Movement. Emcee Kao Khue wove the program together like poetry.

Nobuko wrote and sang a new song for the first time: ”You are the ones we've been waiting for...” And all joined in singing: ”We are the ones we've been waiting for.”

...with so much gratitude for all who build communities and work for justice.


<3 — with Eric Joselyn, Duong Nghe Ly, Matt Tae, Regina Liu Kerr, Lai Har Cheung, Srey Boss, Chi-Ser Tran, Grace Rustia, Emily P. Lawsin, Scott Kurashige, Mary Yee, Laurent Widjaya, Paul Uyehara, Alix Mariko Webb, Rorng Sorn, Senn Font, Linh Nguyen, Bryan Mercer, K. Naroen Chhin, Masaru Edmund Nakawatase, Neeta Patel, Tai Joselyn, Doua Xiong, Renyu Wu, John Elliott Churchville, Kavita Levy, Judy At Aau, Theo Gonzalves, Ana Cruz, Janeya Hisle, Ellen Somekawa, Wei Chen, Helen Gym, Sookyung Oh, Dawn Werme Pratson, Xu Lin, Betty Lui, Peter Van Do, Nobuko Miyamoto, Kao Nhia Kue, Jean Hunt, Teresa Engst, Alice Vuong and Maxine Chang.