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Edward Deng

AAU youth leaders

Asian Americans United August 8, 2011:


Congrats to AAU youth leaders 2011! — with Edward Deng, Lizzy Lee, Maitrivia Liem, Yuxiao Chen and Ling Lin.

AAU Summer Program 2012

Asian Americans United May 31, 2013:


AAU Summer Program 2013 Bubble Tea Happy Hour on Tuesday, June 4 (5-7pm at Tea Talk)!! Come join us to support our amazing summer program and meet this year's crew of teachers!! Consider making a donation to support our youth leaders even if you can't make it!! More details/ticket info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/456167604476525/ — with Ruben An, Yvonne Zhang, Cy Alex Chen, Yuxiao Chen, Zixin Lin, Edward Deng, Allen Cao, Chris Wong, Brandon Tran, Tien Nguyen, Antonio Nanthavongsa, Wei Chen, Xu Lin, Judy At Aau and Ellen Somekawa.

Asian Americans United This is a pic of last year's amazing group of teachers!!

AAU Summer Program

Asian Americans United June 11, 2013:


Thanks to those who came/supported the AAU Summer Program Bubble Tea Happy Hour! If you would still like to make a contribution to our summer program, please donate through our website at www.aaaunited.org. — with Chris Wong, Wei Chen, Brandon Tran, Hee Young Yim, Alix Mariko Webb, Trang Dang, Edward Deng, Doua Xiong, Tai Joselyn, Lai Har Cheung, Srey Boss, Lizzy Lee, Dawn Werme Pratson, Eric Joselyn, Maxine Chang, Kotaro Fujita, Yingci Chen, Mary Yee, Kay Yoon, Claire Yoo, Matt Tae, Xu Lin and Erina Zheng.

AAU Mid-Autumn Festival

Asian Americans United, September 13, 2013:


MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL TOMORROW! We encourage you to post pictures using #phillymaf2013 and #asianamericansunited on fb, twitter, & instagram!! See you at the festival! — with Brandon Tran, Binh Ta, Yingci Chen, Huidan Mei, Xu Lin, Neeta Patel, Jieying Chen, Betty Lui, Wei Chen, Amy Lee, Yuxiao Chen, Ellen Somekawa, Alice Vuong, Edward Deng, Judy At Aau, Chris Wong, Maxine Chang, Tai Joselyn, Helen Gym, Adriene Khon and Joan May T. Cordova.