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Pennsylvania Student Power Network is a Pennsylvania organization for students who are "organizing for social justice on campus and beyond." According to their website, their "network includes students at private schools, public schools, and community colleges—in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Erie, Lehigh Valley, and in between." The goal is to "build long-term progressive power."[1] The Pennsylvania Student Power Network is a part of One Pennsylvania.[2]

It is affiliated to the Student Power Network.

Leading members

Pennsylvania Student Power Network May 2 2018:


With Xavier Thomas, Nyah Duckworth, Rieko Copeland, Aiden Omar Castellanos-Pedroza, Leigh Marques and James Cersonsky in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Krasner team

LadenPele IL May 17, 2017:

Last night, as the results for Larry Krasner were coming in and it was becoming clear that we had won, the community coalition gathered towards the middle of the election party room.


Together, 215 People's Alliance, Reclaim Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Student Power Network, B.L.O.C. Party, and Neighborhood Networks knocked over 60,000 doors to talk to voters about Larry Krasner for DA and ending ending mass incarceration in Philadelphia.

It's a beautiful beautiful thing when a coalition can come together to try and do something big, like really big, and win like this.

I can't stop smiling about it.

I'm so so grateful to have been a part of this team even if only for the last couple weeks of the campaign. I learned so much from everyone involved and know that this is just the beginning of something really exciting in the city of Philadelphia

Huge thanks James Cersonsky for getting me involved and for all the work you did supporting this campaign along with the million other things you do for students all over the state.

Shout out to Lev Hirschhorn, Amanda Almanac, Nicolas Pastore, Ociele Hawkins, Arielle Klagsbrun, Bryan Mercer, Meghna Chandra and everyone from the coalition who poured their hearts into this campaign. I really learned so much from y'all and am excited to see what comes next.

And finally, to the best student team ever

Pennsylvania Student Power Network. Y'all are a part of history now. We knocked doors day after day for two weeks in Powelton Village and throughout the 24th ward. It was surreal when we reported back on election day, and most people we had talked to had already voted for Krasner or were planning on it. The commitment, passion, and hard work this team put in deserves more praise than I can muster with words. Amazing job Zaire Best, Avy Srinivasan, Tess Kerins, Jaid Munczinski, Shahmar Beasley, Nicky Dulepski, Becky Cave, Eli Cummin, and the whole team!

Now who are we going to elect next? I guess you'll just have to wait and see. 😉

I couldn't be more excited. — with Nicky Dulepski, Jaid Munczinski, Arielle Klagsbrun, Amanda McIllmurray, Ociele Hawkins, Lev Hirschhorn, Meghna Chandra, Andrea Putnam and Nicolas Pastore.

December 2017 Meeting with Elected Officials

Vincent Hughes (Center) with members of the Pennsylvania Student Power Network in December 2017.

Vincent Hughes met with members of the Pennsylvania Student Power Network in December 2017. Members named on Facebook were Suja George, Saige Williams, Wingate Cashae, Alphonso Michael Washington and Cynthia Son.[3]

Derek Green (Center) with members of the Pennsylvania Student Power Network

Councilman Derek Green met with the Pennsylvania Student Power Network in December 2017.[4]

Free College Online Forum November 2017

Pennsylvania Student Power Network hosts online forum for free college

Pennsylvania Student Power Network hosted an online forum for promoting "Free College for All". From Facebook:[5]

"Tonight: Free College for All online forum with Rep. Maureen Madden, Summer Lee for State Rep, Erie Council Chair Jay Breneman, Greg Edwards for Congress, and more!"

Meeting January 2018

Pennsylvania Student Power Network January 16 2018:


Photo cred Cynthia Son — with Bronwyn Delysia, Aiden Omar Castellanos-Pedroza, Ronald Johnson Contreras, Jordan Malloy, Jonathan Tinoco, Miciah Foster, Alphonso Michael Washington, Suja George, Vape Oreon, Eve Haklay, Alaura Johnson, Lillian Hunter, Spencer David Potts, Hannah Emily Colen, Amear Mitchell, Alexa Lipkin, Zoe Levine, Daniel Le, Leigh Marques, Avy Srinivasan, Annie Reynolds, Annisa Denise, Jorge A. Alvarez, Demi Smith, Siddharth Almeida and Hope Sims-Medley.

Meeting March 2017

Pennsylvania Student Power Network Meeting March 2017

A post on Facebook[6] :

"This past weekend, student leaders from 19 colleges and universities across PA gathered for the first ever #StudentPowerSpringBreak. We trained, we visioned, and we marched on the Governor's office. Who's got next?"

With Allison Petryk, Nicky Dulepski, Anthony Leal, Cori Frazer, Aru Shiney-Ajay, Stephen O'Hanlon, James Cersonsky, Will Marchese, Kyle Lambing, Jeremy Rios Griffin, Kelly Walsh, Alex Lotorto, Katlyn Kroeck, Deniz Himmetoglu, Dyymond Whipper Young, Evan Zavada, Fiona Cavanagh, Natalie Abellanosa, Sydney Griffin, Jamie Berg, Larry McKay, Olivia Lindy, Ashley Funk, Nico Demcino, Becs Epstein, Aiden Omar Castellanos-Pedroza, Rianna Salm, Kristen Nicole, Becky Cave, Connor Burbridge, Webb Kath and Isabelle Linguiti at Camp Small Valley.