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Alex Lotorto is a member of the Pennsylvania Student Power Network.

Meeting March 2017

Pennsylvania Student Power Network Meeting March 2017

A post on Facebook[1] :

"This past weekend, student leaders from 19 colleges and universities across PA gathered for the first ever #StudentPowerSpringBreak. We trained, we visioned, and we marched on the Governor's office. Who's got next?"

With Allison Petryk, Nicky Dulepski, Anthony Leal, Cori Frazer, Aru Shiney-Ajay, Stephen O'Hanlon, James Cersonsky, Will Marchese, Kyle Lambing, Jeremy Rios Griffin, Kelly Walsh, Alex Lotorto, Katlyn Kroeck, Deniz Himmetoglu, Dyymond Whipper Young, Evan Zavada, Fiona Cavanagh, Natalie Abellanosa, Sydney Griffin, Jamie Berg, Larry McKay, Olivia Lindy, Ashley Funk, Nico Demcino, Becs Epstein, Aiden Omar Castellanos-Pedroza, Rianna Salm, Kristen Nicole, Becky Cave, Connor Burbridge, Webb Kath and Isabelle Linguiti at Camp Small Valley.[2]


In 2008 Muhlenberg (College) SDS, Allentown, PA contact was Alex Lotorto.