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Pele IrgangLaden

Template:TOCnestleft Pele IrgangLaden is a Pennsylvania activist.



Edwards team


LadenPele IL February 1 2018:

Friends, Fam, big news!

I'm very excited to say I will be joining the campaign team for Greg Edwards for Congress as the field organizer.

Greg is the real deal. An unapologetic progressive running in PA-15 which covers Allentown, Bethlehem, and other parts of PA. He is building the coalition we need to win, uniting poor and working folks across gender and race.

This campaign is about how organized people, knocking doors, and getting together, is stronger than organized money. The political revolution is happening across Pennsylvania, and I am incredibly excited to be a part of it.

Krasner team

LadenPele IL May 17, 2017:

Last night, as the results for Larry Krasner were coming in and it was becoming clear that we had won, the community coalition gathered towards the middle of the election party room.


Together, 215 People's Alliance, Reclaim Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Student Power Network, B.L.O.C. Party, and Neighborhood Networks knocked over 60,000 doors to talk to voters about Larry Krasner for DA and ending ending mass incarceration in Philadelphia.

It's a beautiful beautiful thing when a coalition can come together to try and do something big, like really big, and win like this.

I can't stop smiling about it.

I'm so so grateful to have been a part of this team even if only for the last couple weeks of the campaign. I learned so much from everyone involved and know that this is just the beginning of something really exciting in the city of Philadelphia

Huge thanks James Cersonsky for getting me involved and for all the work you did supporting this campaign along with the million other things you do for students all over the state.

Shout out to Lev Hirschhorn, Amanda McIllmurray, Nicolas Pastore, Ociele Hawkins, Arielle Klagsbrun, Bryan Mercer, Meghna Chandra and everyone from the coalition who poured their hearts into this campaign. I really learned so much from y'all and am excited to see what comes next.

And finally, to the best student team ever

Pennsylvania Student Power Network. Y'all are a part of history now. We knocked doors day after day for two weeks in Powelton Village and throughout the 24th ward. It was surreal when we reported back on election day, and most people we had talked to had already voted for Krasner or were planning on it. The commitment, passion, and hard work this team put in deserves more praise than I can muster with words. Amazing job Zaire Best, Avy Srinivasan, Tess Kerins, Jaid Munczinski, Shahmar Beasley, Nicky Dulepski, Becky Cave, Eli Cummin, and the whole team!

Now who are we going to elect next? I guess you'll just have to wait and see. 😉

I couldn't be more excited. — with Nicky Dulepski, Jaid Munczinski, Arielle Klagsbrun, Amanda McIllmurray, Ociele Hawkins, Lev Hirschhorn, Meghna Chandra, Andrea Putnam and Nicolas Pastore.

$15 Now

In 2014 Pele IrgangLaden was a campus coordinator, Temple University student and organizer for 15 Now Philadelphia’s student branch, a part of the greater 15 Now movement.[1]

No to "white supremacy"

Pele IL March 2, 2017:


Felt really good today to stand with Jews connecting the rise in antisemitism to all bigotry stemming from white supremacy.

Also always so happy to see Councilwoman Helen Gym standing with the collective liberation crew! Thank you for continuing to show up for all people in this moment! — with Aaron Browne, Joshua Brandon Hoffman, Shoshana Bricklin, Helen Gym, Keren Weitzberg, Matt Berkman and Sarah Barasch-Hagans.

"Jewish Resistance"

Pele IL November 17, 2016:

The Crew

  1. PhillyInDC #JewishResistance — with Josh Friedman, Ian Gavigan, Gavi Aliza and Tal Rachael Bowen.

IfNotNow Philly

Pele IL May 23, 2016 ·

This weekend, an amazing group of young Philly Jews came together to begin building a Jewish community that lives out our values. Drawing on millennia-old Jewish traditions of resilience, learning, and healing, our community will stand up for a future of freedom and dignity—for ourselves, and for all Israelis and Palestinians.

We will build this world with love, Join us! IfNotNow IfNotNow Philly

Sign up for a training here:


Not in philly? find your city here: — with Roman Kay, RC RC, Girard Dopkins, Sara Blazevic, Adam Bleiman, Morriah Kaplan, Susan Rauscher, Ian Gavigan, Matt Karlin, Janet Rauscher, Jesse Kudler, Milo Giovanniello, Sarah Giskin and Emily Mayer.