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Brian Corr

Brian Corr is President at National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement. Lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Married to Kathleen Kelly.


  • Studied Russian language at University of Michigan
  • Went to Cass Technical High School


Ayanna Pressley connection

Brian Corr September 9, 2018:


With Ayanna Pressley, Elizabeth Warren and Jay Gonzalez in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Katherine Clark connection


Kathleen Kelly, Katherine Clark, Brian Corr.

Elizabeth Warren connection

Brian Corr June 4, 2016:


With Elizabeth Warren and Kathleen Kelly at At The Massachusetts Democratic Convention.

Booth connection

Brian Corr July 24, 2017:


Great to see Heather and Paul after the screening of the new film about her life and work: "HEATHER BOOTH: CHANGING THE WORLD is an urgent response to the recent change in administration." — with Heather Booth and Paul Booth at 108th Annual NAACP Convention.

Ed Markey connection


Brian Corr with Ed Markey.

Brian Corr July 24, 2013:


Celebrating our great work to make Ed Markey our next U.S. Senator — with Jesse Kanson-Benanav, Kathleen Kelly, Alice Wolf, Elizabeth Kline, Carolyn Fuller, Carl Nilsson, Marc McGovern and Carl Sciortino at Atwood's Tavern.

Cory Booker connection

Brian Corr February 5, 2016:


Also great to meet Sen. Cory Booker: we're both here to support Hillary Clinton's campaign in New Hampshire! — with Cory Booker at SNHU Arena.

Backing Kayyem

Brian Corr January 12, 2014 at 5:00 PM near Cambridge, MA:


The Cambridge Team at the opening of Juliette Kayyem's statewide campaign office — with Marcus Starr, Mark Gardner, Dawn Baxter, Carolyn Duffy, Mina Makarious, Gail Ranere Nunes and Robin Parker.

Deval Patrick connection


Brian Corr with Deval Patrick.

Campaigning for Cain

Brian Corr November 6, 2016:


What a great group of canvassers! We're heading out to hit more doors for Emily Cain in Maine's 2nd Congressional District after Katherine Clark got us all fired up! — with Kathleen Kelly and Katherine Clark in Lewiston, Maine.

National Party Building Conference

National Party Building Conference Hosted by Communist Party USA and People's World.

Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 12 PM – 6 PM EST

Join Communist Party activists and members in a national conference. You can register here

The conference will take place November 11th to 12th to plan our work in the fight against the Trump Administration and its white supremacist ruling class backers. Find information here about how to participate.

The conference will be streamed from Chicago to regional meetings in New Haven, Los Angeles, and Orlando. Whether you’re on the East Coast, West Coast, in the MIdwest or the South, you’ll be able to participate.[1]

Those invited on Facebook included Brian Corr.

Boston DSA meeting

The February 17 2010 Boston Democratic Socialists of America members meeting took place at the Democracy Center near Harvard Square. The meeting ended with an informal discussion on the causes and political consequences of the Scott Brown election, led by MA SEIU Political Director Harris Gruman, NARAL Pro-Choice MA Director and former Young Democratic Socialists leader Andrea Miller, and Cambridge Peace Commission Director and 2008 founder of Progressives Massachusetts for Barack Obama, Brian Corr.[2]

2013 DSA Award

The 2013 Debs-Thomas-Bernstein Awards, sponsored by Boston Democratic Socialists of America, took place June 7.

DSA is "proud to honor three of Boston’s best activists at this year’s annual awards reception: Jennifer Doe, Shelagh Foreman, and Andi Mullin". Honorary Chairs for the event were Brian Corr, Director of the Cambridge Peace Commission; Harris Gruman, Political Director for Massachusetts SEIU; State Representative Denise Provost, and Rand Wilson, SEIU Local 888. [3]

DSA Boston Public Facebook Group

Members of Boston Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group, in January 2017 included Brian Corr.[4]

Peace Action

Brian Corr March 10, 2014:


My friend Steven Brion-Meisels died yesterday morning in Cambridge after living with cancer for the last few months. When my time as co-chair of Peace Action's national board of directors ended in December 2007, he created what you see in the picture for me, and it has been hanging on my wall ever since.


In the 1980s Brian Corr was involved in SANE/Freeze with Sue Udry.

Brian Corr July 3, 2018:


This was the Chicago SANE/Freeze canvass office in 1987 up on the second floor and there was a Greek restaurant on the ground floor. — with Sue Udry in Chicago, Illinois.