Annette Mansell-Green

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Annette Mansell-Green

TUC Fringe 2021


Ian Byrne MP, Laura Smith, Annette Mansell-Green, Sarah Woolley.

Morning Star 90th


Amanda Martin, Gawain Little, Carolyn Jones, Annette Mansell-Green, Jimmy Macintyre, Steve Turner, Andy Bain, Ben Chacko, Meirian Jump, Mary Davis.

Sisterhood, Socialism & Struggle

The Communist Party of Britain has organised a New Year feminist conference celebrating Sisterhood, Socialism & Struggle in the UK and across the world. This free weekend event on January 16-17 2021, will provide a virtual opportunity for women and men on the left to discuss and debate the importance of women’s liberation for the whole human race.


This event aims to put women’s liberation at the heart of class struggle and explore how we should respond to the intensification of women’s oppression under modern capitalism.

Based upon the three strands of the Charter for Women, which was adopted by the National Assembly of Women in 2020, sessions include Marxist-feminist analysis of women in society, at work, and in the international labour movement. Drawn from across the labour movement our speakers include Mary Davis on the roots of women’s oppression, Pragna Patel on domestic violence, migration and racism, Sarah Woolley on sexual harassment and Kellie O'Dowd on abortion rights.

Sessions include "Women in the labour movement": with Sarah-Jane McDonough, Heather Wakefield and Annette Mansell-Green.[1]

Additional panels will highlight such questions as the feminisation of poverty, unfair job segregation and the erosion of women’s sex-based rights, calling for urgent change to secure equal pay and access to decent childcare.

Centenary conference

Communist Party of Britain centenary conference August 1, 2020

Take the Road! - mass meeting for trade union and trades council activists