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Laura Smith

Laura Smith(born 16 March 1985) is a British Labour Party politician who served as the Member of Parliament for Crewe and Nantwich from 2017 to 2019.

Smith identifies as a socialist and was part of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs during her time in parliament. She is a supporter of the Labour Against Private Schools campaign, which aims to abolish independent schools in the United Kingdom.

TUC Fringe 2021


Ian Byrne MP, Laura Smith, Annette Mansell-Green, Sarah Woolley.

Covid, Capitalism and Media

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Morning Star September 27, 2021- Katy Clark MSP, Laura Smith No Holding Back report, Gary Smith GMB, Richard Burgon MP, Andrew Murray Unite the Union, Barry Gardiner MP. Chair Ben Chacko.

Unemployment Fightback!


May 29 2021.

Speakers include Bill Greenshields and Mollie Brown of the Communist Party of Britain, Steve Turner, Mark Porter of Rolls Royce Unite, Rohan Kon of Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise, Johnnie Hunter YCL, Laura Smith - ex Labour MP and No Turning Back campaigner, Helen O'Connor - NHS activist, Sabby Dhalu of SUTR and Jackie Simpkins of War on Want and Mike Lynch of RMT.

End Fire & Rehire

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Joe Clarke FDA, Steve Turner, Barry Gardiner MP, Daniel Kebede NEU, Ellie Mae O'Hagan CLASS, Laura Smith.

Morning Star Red Xmas bash


The Morning Star December 10 2020·

Join Jeremy Corbyn, Maxine Peake and Diane Abbott at the Morning Star Red Xmas bash!

7pm Wednesday 16 December. REGISTER NOW to avoid disappointment.

Panellists include Morning Star editor Ben Chacko, CWU general secretary Dave Ward, Unite Chief of Staff Andrew Murray, legendary industrial correspondent Mick Costello, reporter Bethany Rielly, Venezuelan election observer Calvin Tucker, award-winning sports editor Kadeem Simmonds, circulation manager Bernadette Keaveney, and co-author of the ground-breaking No Holding Back report Laura Smith.

Chaired by Carolyn Jones from the Morning Star management committee.

Defending Jeremy Corbyn

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November 1 2020 Julia Bard, John McDonnell, Laura Smith, Laura Pidcock, James Schneider, Aaron Bastani, Roger McKenzie, Andrew Feinstein, Lindsey German, Salma Yaqoob, Howard Beckett, Nadia Jama, Daniel Kebede, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Ian Lavery, Tariq Ali took part in an online rally to defend Jeremy Corbyn from suspension from the Labour Party.

"Leaving the EU for socialism"


‘Friends of Cuba’

Teresita Vicente, Cuban Ambassador, hosted over 100 ‘Friends of Cuba’ and special guests including parliamentarians, ambassadors, trade unionists, artists, journalists and lawyers at an exclusive reception at the Ambassador’s residency in St John’s Wood, London, May 2019 to thank them for their support for Cuba and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

Parliamentarians in attendance included Diane Abbott MP, Shadow Home Secretary, Ian Lavery MP, Chair of the Labour Party, Karen Lee MP, Chair of the APPG on Cuba, Laura Smith MP, Lord Alf Dubs, Baroness Gloria Hooper and former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone. Rocio Maniero, Ambassador of Venezuela, and leading trade unionists from Unite, UNISON, NEU, CWU, RMT and ASLEF and others were among the invited guests.

Karen Lee, Chair of the APPG on Cuba, gave a summary of her work on the APPG over the last two years, including hosting Miguel Diaz-Canel in Parliament: “to host the Cuban President in my country was the biggest honour”, she said.[1]

Communist support


Manasij Pal Chowdhury with Laura Smith.

Stop Boris Johnson


September 3 The People's Assembly with Tariq Ali, Laura Pidcock MP, Richard Burgon MP, Dan Carden MP, Frances O'Grady, Laura Smith MP, Kevin Courtney, Sonia Adesara, Karen Lee MP, Aaron Bastani, Lindsey German, Mark Serwotka, Eddie Dempsey.

Agitating against Boris Johnson

Owen Jones Tweet agitating against Prime Minister Boris Johnson July 21 2019

On July 21 2019, Owen Jones tweeted "Let’s all take to the streets against Boris Johnson tomorrow."[2] He linked to a Facebook invitation sponsored by The People's Assembly Against Austerity, which was an anti-Boris Johnson rally[3] featuring John McDonnell MP, Caroline Lucas MP, Laura Pidcock MP, Richard Burgon MP, Dan Carden MP, Karen Lee MP, Dani Rowley MP, Emma Dentcoad MP,Laura Smith MP, Ian Lavery MP, Owen Jones, Eddie Dempsey – for RMT NEC, Lindsey GermanPeople’s Assembly, Fran Heathcote – PCS Union president, Liam Young – Author and Activist, Ben Chacko – editor of the Morning Star, Alex Kenny - NEU, Sabby Dhalu - Stand Up To Racism among others.

Not my Prime Minister Rally (screenshot from Facebook invitation)



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