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Vicky Knight

Vicky Knight is a former President of UCU. North West women's organizer of the Communist Party of Britain and chair of the Merseyside Communist Party.

Union socialist

"I am a lifelong trade unionist - I have been a proud member of UCU for 9 years, teaching trade union studies at Manchester college - yet my trade union background comes from the Fire Brigades Union, where I spent a happy almost 20 years - primarily as a firefighter in Merseyside fire and rescue service, which I joined fresh faced at just 19 years old, then later as a local, regional then national rep and officer of the 18 strong executive council of the FBU, as the first NEC member elected to represent women in the UK fire and rescue service.

We are trade unionists, socialists and internationalists.

And on the international agenda, our union has so much to be proud of, we are a leader on the movement's world stage educationally, socially and politically. We have progressive policy and are proactive in our campaigns and our networking, our solidarity action and our outcomes.

Palestine, Turkey, Colombia, Brazil, Egypt, Iraq, Cuba to name just a few of our focus areas internationally... of our contribution and our links we should be rightly proud. I have recently returned from a May day trip to the West Bank - Palestine, taking solidarity greetings to Isreali and Palestinian organisations striving for peace and had the honour to speak at the Palestine rally last week in London too."[1]==Wigan Diggers event==


Kevan Nelson, Allison Fewtrell, Evan Pritchard, Vicky Knight, Khalid Talati, Benjamin Perry, Bob Oram.

Greater Manchester Communists #CP100@CpbManc·Sep 12, 2021 Great day at Wigan Diggers yesterday! Comrades from NW CPB and YCL volunteered and comrades from Sheffield and even SE London came to the event!

Sisterhood, Socialism & Struggle


The Communist Party of Britain has organised a New Year feminist conference celebrating Sisterhood, Socialism & Struggle in the UK and across the world. This free weekend event on January 16-17 2021, will provide a virtual opportunity for women and men on the left to discuss and debate the importance of women’s liberation for the whole human race.

Panel "The roots of women's oppression"

"A Celebration with our Sisters"

North West Communist Party of Britain Women's Commission March 13 2021.


Chair Vicky Knight, Maxine Peake, Carla Henry, Mary Davis, Hannah Phillips.

Centenary conference

Communist Party of Britain centenary conference August 1, 2020


Communist Women in action