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Sara Innamorato is a Pittsburgh area activist.

DSA victories


PA Wilds DSA June 3 2020·

Last night was a huge night for Democratic Socialists of America-backed candidates in Pennsylvania. The biggest news is Nikil Saval's probable win for state senate in the first senatorial district, in Philadelphia, as well as an apparent close win (pending mail-in ballots) for Rick Krajewski in the 188th legislative district. DSA members Summer Lee, Sara Innamorato, Elizabeth Fiedler and Chris Rabb were relected to the statehouse as well. Our movement is growing, and we're gonna win! Join us.

2018 endorsements

The Pittsburgh Democratic Socialists of America have chosen two candidates to endorse for the 2018 election cycle.


Summer Lee is running for Pennsylvania’s 34th Legislative District and Sara Innamorato is up for District 21. Both Lee and Innamorato were endorsed by Pittsburgh DSA, both identify as democratic socialists, and both are dues-paying members of the DSA.

Summer Lee is a graduate of Howard University School of Law and has been an organizer in the Woodland Hills School District area. She is a vocal opponent of armed police presence in schools and currently serves on the Woodland Hills Commission on Youth Development and Learning. She has advocated tirelessly for area juvenile and criminal justice reform, education funding, workers' rights, and creating decent jobs that pay a living wage.

Sara Innamorato is a graduate of Coro Pittsburgh's Center for Civic Leadership's Women in Leadership Program, and co-founder of She Runs, a nonprofit to encourage and empower women to run for government office. She is devoted to pursing healthcare for all, housing as a human right, and reforming Pennsylvania politics.[1]

DSA endorsements, 2018


Democratic Socialists of America April 26 at 9:51am .

DSA is proud to announce national endorsements for nine candidates who are running for local, state, and federal office!

DSA Elected Officials, March 2019

From a March 6, 2019 by DSA National Electoral Committee statement "DSA Elected Officials Support Teacher Power and Working People Everywhere."

Endorsing Democratic Socialists of America members included Sara Innamorato, State Representative, PA.