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Zellie Thomas , a lifelong Paterson resident, third grade math teacher at School Number 16, entrepreneur, and one of the leaders of the local Black Lives Matter movement, Zellie Thomas, is the latest candidate to announce his candidacy for one of the three At-Large seats on the Paterson City Council up for grabs in th May 2018 election. Thomas, according to the City Clerk’s Office, is the 15th candidate for Council to pick up petitions for the May 8 election.[1]

DSA national endorsements, 2018/DSA member


Democratic Socialists of America April 26 at 9:51am .

DSA is proud to announce national endorsements for nine candidates who are running for local, state, and federal office!

Austin Binns, April 26 2018.

Congratulations to the following comrades that have received the first round of endorsements from national DSA!! All of the candidates that have received national endorsements are DSA members and share our organization's values and ideas.

DSA AfroSocialist Caucus

In March 2019 Zellie Thomas was a member of the DSA AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus.