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Georgia State House Representative Renitta Shannon addressing the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America

Renitta Shannon is a Georgia State Rep. (D-84). She is a "friend" of the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America (MADSA).


From the Georgia official government website:[1]

"During college Renitta Shannon worked as a restaurant server, earned scholarships, took out student loans, and with the help of her parents, graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Since graduating college, Renitta has excelled in business development for several large industry leaders in Financial Services and Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices.
"Renitta is a consistent and effective community activist. She is a graduate of the Georgia Stand Up Policy Institute and an active member of 9 to 5 Working Women Atlanta. She is the former Executive Vice President of the Georgia State Chapter of the National Organization for Women and is an active participant in the Fight for $15 campaign. Renitta is regularly intertwined in movements for economic justice, racial and gender equality.

Georgia socialists

According to Khalid Kamau:

And Georgia had no shortage of reasons to hope. Nabilah Islam — Atlanta’s own AOC, who would later be endorsed by her — was opening the Overton window in Gwinnet, the site of 2018’s closest Congressional election. Devin Barrington Ward, a BYP 100 organizer who helped close Atlanta’s Jail and End Cash Bail in the city, was running for State Senate. In suburban Cobb County, Dr. Elizabeth Webster was running against the Republican author of Georgia’s draconian Forced Birthing (fetal heartbeat) bill. Mokah Jasmine Johnson, an anti-racist activist endorsed by the New Georgia Project Action Fund, was headed to flip a Republican-held State House seat in Athens. There were a half-dozen others like these, and more running for re-election; including DSA members Mariah Parker and Renitta Shannon, who received MADSA’s 2019 Douglass-Debs Award after being drug from the well of the Georgia State House while protesting the Forced Birthing Bill.[2]·

2020 Metro Atlanta DSA voter guide


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Metro Atlanta DSA endorsement meeting


Metro Atlanta DSA January General Meeting

Saturday, Jan. 25 2020

CWA Local 3204 Union Hall

279 Logan St, Atlanta, GA 30312

This month's speakers are lawmakers Nan Orrock, Renitta Shannon, & Park Cannon. We’re also voting on a bylaws reform package and 2 candidate endorsements: Nabilah Islam & Michael Owens. (Only members in good standing may vote; please join DSA or renew today.)

Debs Douglass dinner 2019

Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America November 10 2019.

At Paschal's Restaurant.


With Renitta Shannon, Khalid Kamau, Nan Orrock.

Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America's 13th annual Douglass-Debs awards dinner at Paschal’s restaurant Nov. 9 2019 was a great success.

This year’s keynote speaker was Sara Nelson, international president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO. She quoted widely from historic figures such as Mother Jones, Fredrick Douglass and Eugene Victor Debs, and from her own experience as a worker and a woman, assuring us that “Solidarity is stronger than gravity!” Watch her speak here!

The Highlander Research and Education Center, a key resource for progressive organizers since the 1930s (now located in New Market, TN) lost their main building to a right-wing arson attack earlier this year but continues their work undeterred. Member Eric Robertson explained that the award recognizes the continued importance of the center to the current movement for human rights, worker rights and racial justice as well as its role in nurturing such historic figures as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks. As the Center was holding its own board meeting that weekend, Annie Thomas, regional organizer for Project South, accepted the award in Highlander’s behalf.

Georgia State Representative Renitta Shannon was recognized for her courageous service as one of a few progressive members of the Georgia General Assembly, standing up for women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, and immigrant rights. Her friend Charmaine Davis, SE regional administrator of the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Women’s Bureau, recalled her friendship with Renitta and the awardee’s inspiring career.

To top off the celebration, we gave one of our special awards — for “creative activism” — to our own Daniel Hanley, well known for his leadership in every kind of direct action, most recently with the Light Brigade, which provides illuminated signage and projects uplifting slogans onto Atlanta’s night-time cityscape during demonstrations. MADSA founder Milt Tambor presented the award by noting many instances of Daniel’s commitment, courage and creativity — the essential makings of an activist — since he joined MADSA several years ago.[3]

'Friend' of Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America

Renitta Shannon described as a "friend" of the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America.

Renitta Shannon described as a "friend" of the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America on Facebook.

Renitta Shannon Discusses "Bad" Legislation with Socialists

Renitta Shannon discusses "bad" legislation with socialists.

Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America tweeted that Renitta Shannon discussed "bad" Georgia legislation with them at a Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America "general meeting" in April 2017.

Speaker at Working Families Party Launch Party for Stacey Abrams

Socialist Khalid Kamau stumps for Stacey Abrams in Georgia

On April 08 2018, the Working Families Party and Georgia "feminist" Aimee Castenell held an event[4] in support of Stacey Abrams. Speakers included Representative Renitta Shannon, Councilman Khalid Kamau and Senator Nan Orrock.

Georgia State University professor Alex Sayf Cummings, who describes himself as a "Libyan, trans, socialist" on Twitter posted a short video of the event.

From the Tweet:[5]

“I am a socialist.” Black Lives Matter activist and the first self-identified socialist to get elected in Georgia, khalid kamau, speaking for Gov candidate @StaceyAbrams at Manuel’s Tavern.
Working Families Party Launch Party for Stacey Abrams 4-8-2018 Facebook Event Screenshot

DSA meeting


Renitta Shannon addressed a Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America meeting April i, 2017.

Socialist support


Misty Novitch May 24, 2016;

Decatur folks! Don't forget to vote in the local primary for my good friend and activist colleague Renitta Shannon against the do-nothin' DINO Rahn Mayo today by 7pm! Power to the People!

DSA affiliation

Democratic Socialists of America has served as a signaling device for some Democrats — including black politicians from major American cities — to distinguish themselves from the party’s centrist wing. Brooklyn’s Rep. Major Owens (D-NY) and David Dinkins, who served as mayor of New York City in the early 1990s, were both DSA members. Current politicians affiliated with DSA include Khalid Kamau, a city council person in South Fulton, Georgia; Renitta Shannon, a Georgia state senator; and Ron Dellums, until recently Oakland’s mayor. These candidates technically run either as independents or on the Green Party or Democratic Party ballot line.[6]

DFA Campaign Academy in Atlanta


Democracy for America Campaign Academy in Atlanta. Pittman Park Recreation Center Sat. April 21 & Sun. April 22.


Team Building and Collaboration, Strategic Planning, Lunch Chat: Running for Election in Georgia

  • ​​​Senator Nikema Williams - State Senator District 39
  • Renitta Shannon, State Representative District 84

Building a Winning Fundraising Strategy, Field Organizing: Who We Talk to Matters


Working with the Press, Developing and Delivering an Effective Message, Lunch chat: Amplifying Your Message Through Social Media

Developing Your Digital Story, Crafting and Executing Your Digital Plan, Social Media Platforms

Campaigning for Stacey Abrams

Anoa Changa October 27 2018:


With Michelle Verges Schreiner, Amanda Collier-Rittenhouse and Renitta Shannon.

DSA Atlanta Dinner

State Representative Renitta Shannon. November 18, 2015 ·


"If it weren't for the work of unions and collective bargaining there would be no middle class in this country." DSA Atlanta Dinner.