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Adam Bleiman

Drexel Socialists

Drexel Socialists August 9, 2016. With Adam Bleiman and Jj Rodriguez

IfNotNow Philly

Pele IL May 23, 2016 ·

This weekend, an amazing group of young Philly Jews came together to begin building a Jewish community that lives out our values. Drawing on millennia-old Jewish traditions of resilience, learning, and healing, our community will stand up for a future of freedom and dignity—for ourselves, and for all Israelis and Palestinians.

We will build this world with love, Join us! IfNotNow IfNotNow Philly

Sign up for a training here:


Not in philly? find your city here: — with Roman Kay, RC RC, Girard Dopkins, Sara Blazevic, Adam Bleiman, Morriah Kaplan, Susan Rauscher, Ian Gavigan, Matt Karlin, Janet Rauscher, Jesse Kudler, Milo Giovanniello, Sarah Giskin and Emily Mayer.

"Debate On Marxism-Leninism"

2605 S. Darien St. Philadelphia, February 6, 2016 "Debate On Marxism-Leninism" organized by Jake Kinzey.

Come out and talk about Marxism-Leninism! What is it? What can we learn from it?

Those indicating attendance on the Wherevent website included Andrew Macaroni, Nat Turner-Jackson, Azzizah Abdullah, Kate Faust, Isabella Jayme, Jake Kinzey, Bruce Haskin, John T. Kaye, Bunny Juarez, Samar Shraim, Magdalene Moy, Norah Andrea La Torre, Scott Jenkins, Daniel Pitt, Tim Horras, Constance Lee, Gabriel Salgado, Adam Bleiman, Rina Mascitti, John Lesmeister, Isabell Welsh, Nhoj Matthews, Samantha Valentino, Sasha Lubarskai, Cranford Coulter, Brandon Slattery, Amanda McIllmurray, Hypatia Nacheinander, Akshay Walia, M. Harlan Hoke, Mark R. Eisenstædt, Elsy Marie, Mackenzie Morris, Lucas Lipatti, Jon Lange, Greg Gabrellas, Panagiotis Alexiou, Alan Warsaw, Nelson Maserota, Ethan Jury.[1]