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Jen Ramos

Jen Ramos is an Austin Texas activist.


Texas DSA members Join the Fight to Stop a New Anti-immigrant Law

By June 2017, Austin Democratic Socialists of America had built a large membership of over 640 members by being active as allies against a number of attacks on communities of color, women and LGBTQ people over the last two years.

This work has intensified since Trump took office. Perhaps their most important campaign, which other groups can learn from, is their current fight against an anti-immigrant bill.

On May 29th, national media coverage showed footage of hundreds of people in Austin, Texas chanting and protesting in the Capitol against a new anti-illegal immigrant law known as SB4, for “Senate Bill 4.”

SB4 is a highly controversial bill that mandates local police and sheriffs to essentially become an arm of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Under the bill, local peace officers would be given broad authority to ask the immigration status of anyone stopped by an officer for almost any reason. Thus, the moniker: “Show Me Your Papers Law.” SB4 began as a priority of Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Governor Greg Abbott.
The authors of the bill in the Senate specifically targeted Austin Sheriff Sally Hernandez, who ran on a campaign of constitutional rights of undocumented residents and non-cooperation beyond the legal requirements with ICE. The only female in a field of six, she won handily in the Democratic primary, and five months later in the general election against a Republican. Sheriff Hernandez said in a hearing on the bill in April that SB4 will "coerce local law enforcement to divert scarce resources to enforcing federal immigration laws, at a risk to public safety.”
During hearings in the Senate and the House, hundreds of people, many of them immigrants or family of immigrants, both documented and not, testified and signed in opposition to the bill. Sheriffs and chiefs of police testified that the bill would undermine the trust between the police and the immigrant and Latino communities, leaving their cities and towns less safe. Mayors, lawyers, school administrators and school board members spoke out against the mass deportation provisions of the bill and its potentially devastating impact on families, children, businesses and the Texas economy.

Thirty members signed up to help mobilize members for the actions on 5/29. Atx DSA and LUTU held two phone banks to call 400 members about 5/29. Jen Ramos helped plan the phone banks and organized a poster party where 10 members made 50 posters for the rally.[1]

Our Revolution endorsement


In 2017 Our Revolution endorsed Jen Ramos for Democratic National Committeewoman.

Socialist Caucus

Democratic Socialists of America Fort Worth August 14, 2017.

So proud of the newly formed Socialist Caucus at the Texas Young Dems convention! 👏 When nothing goes right, move LEFT.
Kolby Duhon, left Jen Ramos, second from left, Joshua Dreis-Ornelas, third from left Austin Dreis-Ornelas center

Left Up To US Closed Facebook group

Members of the Left Up To US closed Facebook group, as of August 11, 2017 included Jen Ramos.[2]

Block-walking for Susanna Woody

Susanna Woody March 3 2018 near Austin, TX ·


Last weekend of block walking. Come out and join us! Thanks Austin Young Democrats , Our Revolution South Austin , Left Up To US and Our Revolution Central TX for coming out today! — with Kolby Duhon, Andrew Costigan, Roy Woody, Barbara Fetonte, Sarah Rodriguez Ledesma, Mickey Fetonte, Erica Ọkụ Pehua, Joey Gidseg, Claudia Corum, Cynthia Mancha, Steve Voytowich, Raquel Voytowich, Richard Franklin, Maryann Ledesma, Jen Ramos, Chau Lan Ngo and Savannah Ledesma.


Jen Ramos June 23 · 2018:


With Nicholas Solorzano, Jonathan Carter, Erica Ọkụ Pehua, Alejandro Pena and David Chincanchan.

Beto supporters

Seven Flores September 11, 2018:

What an amazing team!

  1. laredoforbeto #betofortexas — with Jen Ramos, Linh Nguyen, Samantha Elise Benavides, Martha Victoria Valdez, Amber Avis and Sergio Mora at Cultura Beer Garden.

Beto connection

Jen Ramos, Beto O'Rourke, August 2018

Fossil Free pledge


Jen Ramos and Mickey Fetonte.