Erica Ọkụ Pehua

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Template:TOCnestleft Erica Ọkụ Pehua is a Texas activist.

Left Up To US Closed Facebook group

Members of the Left Up To US closed Facebook group, as of March 27 2018 included Erica Ọkụ Pehua,[1]


Jen Ramos June 23 · 2018:


With Nicholas Solorzano, Jonathan Carter, Erica Ọkụ Pehua, Alejandro Pena and David Chincanchan.

Block-walking for Susanna Woody

Susanna Woody March 3 near Austin, TX ·


Last weekend of block walking. Come out and join us! Thanks Austin Young Democrats , Our Revolution South Austin , Left Up To US and Our Revolution Central TX for coming out today! — with Kolby Duhon, Andrew Costigan, Roy Woody, Barbara Fetonte, Sarah Rodriguez Ledesma, Mickey Fetonte, Erica Ọkụ Pehua, Joey Gidseg, Claudia Corum, Cynthia Mancha, Steve Voytowich, Raquel Voytowich, Richard Franklin, Maryann Ledesma, Jen Ramos, Chau Lan Ngo and Savannah Ledesma.