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Left Up To US is based in Austin Texas.

Left Up To US endorsements 2018


Monica Olvera February 22, 2018 · Austin, TX · Left Up To US endorses:

Closed Facebook group

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Left Up To US closed Facebook group, as of August 11, 2017;[1]

The Left Up To US Facebook Group is a social/information hub curated by Left Up To US to foster the building of a tight-knit community of Bernie-movement volunteers and other grassroots progressive activists in the Austin area. Use this Facebook Group to become more engaged and familiar with one another

Everyone is encouraged to post community events, rallies, marches, meetings, volunteer opportunities, and other social gatherings. Everyone is also encouraged to post thoughts and ideas for casual discussion.
Left Up To US meeting times, event announcements, and calls to action will continue to be posted here, but internal administrative stuff is kept in a third part messaging app, that people receive an invite to after they’ve attended a meeting.

The organization is essentially a front for Democratic Socialists of America.



More members were added by March 27, 2018.