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Rev. James Caldwell

Rev. James Caldwell is a native Houstonian. He is a graduate of Phyllis Wheatley High School and Texas Southern University’s School of Public Affairs. He also attended Dallas Theological Seminary and has been an ordained minister for over 28 years.

Reverend Caldwell has been a community advocate and activist for over 15 years. He is the founder and director of the Coalition of Community Organizations (COCO), which connects communities to the invaluable resources they need and connects organizations with one another. Aside from serving as the Chair and facilitator for monthly community meetings in both 5th Ward and Kashmere Gardens (North Houston), he is also a member of the following: Port of Houston Authority Chairman’s Community Advisory Committee, Healthy Port Community Coalition, Clean Gulf Commerce Coalition, PCORI Baylor College of Medicine’s Asthma Study Advisory Committee, Texas Organizing Project, Working America, and People Before Profits. [1]

TOP connections

Rev. James Caldwell is deeply involved in the Texas Organizing Project.

TOP leader

Texas Organizing Project November 6, 2014.


Rev. James Caldwell,TOP leader, spoke a few minutes ago at a press conference held jointly with SEIU Texas and Mi Familia Vota - Texas asking President Obama to take immediate executive action to keep immigrant families together. You can help by calling the White House at 877-848-8289

TOP member

Texas Organizing Project November 10, 2014.

Panelists for this month's Houston community chat, focusing on environmental inequality in Houston's low income neighborhoods, include TOP members Rev. James Caldwell and Dr. Robert Bullard, Dean of Texas Southern University, Barbara Jordan of Leland School of Public Affairs.

Coalition of Community Organizations

Coalition of Community Organizations was birthed by Rev. James Caldwell in 2008,his passion for the community led him to develop a community network that builds sustainability within the community through dissemination of information and community events.

Board of Directors:2017.

Our Revolution Texas Gulf Coast

Members of the Our Revolution - Texas Gulf Coast - SD13 Closed Facebook Group, August 2017, included James Caldwell.[3]

Meeting Green and Farenthold

Rev. James Caldwell, Rep. Al Green
James Caldwell with Akua Fayette

Rev. James Caldwell (third from left) at a 2012 meeting which included Texas Organizing Project members, Tennessee Communist Party USA member Dennis Laumann, fourth from left, and Rep. Al Green (9th from left) and Sissy Farenthold, 11th from left.

Rick Perry protest

Rick Perry came to Washington to deliver his usual message about Texas having the most business-friendly climate in the USA.

“There is a land of opportunity in America and it is called Texas,” the Texas governor told the Texas State Society February 22, 2013.

The 45-minute breakfast event at the Republican Party’s Capitol Hill Club was repeatedly disrupted by an organized team of pesky protesters who heckled the longest-serving governor in Texas history about his refusal to expand Medicaid and the state’s highest-in-the-nation rate of uninsured residents.

Perry’s speech to the nonpartisan group was interrupted four times by protesters who were led from the meeting room after expressing their frustrations with Perry’s health-care policies. Their cries for expansion of Medicaid echoed through the halls of the building that is often used for GOP fund-raising purposes as they were ushered outside into the cold.

Outside the Republican National Headquarters complex, the ejected demonstrators were cheered by a group of noisy protesters who chanted anti-Perry slogans for nearly an hour. They carried signs including one that declared, “Rick, Rick, you makes us sick,” “You’ll Never be POTUS” and “Expand Medicaid.”

Groups participating in the protest, which mobilized several dozen people, were the Texas Organizing Project, Perry No Care, and Good Jobs Houston.

Rev. James Caldwell of Houston, gripped a megaphone and proclaimed to the group Perry was ignoring the plight of friends and family not on Medicaid.

“I’ll follow Rick Perry anywhere he goes to get my message across,” the 59-year-old told the Houston Chronicle.[4]

EPA Environmental Screening

February 2013, hosted by the Coalition of Community Organizations and the Healthy Port Communities Coalition, the EPA Environmental Screening helped to answer the many questions families had concerning their health, housing, and economic stability. Matthew Tejada, Director, US EPA Office of Environmental Justice, Dr. Robert Bullard (Father of Environmental Justice), Texas Southern University, Dr. Bakeyah Nelson, Executive Director, Air Alliance Houston, and Juan Parras, Director, Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services were those on the panel fielding the questions from community members about environmental risk factors, air pollutants, toxins, and ground and water contamination. Rev. James Caldwell is the director of Coalition of Community Organizations.[5]

Birthday with communists

Starting third from left Communist Party USA members Patrick Foote, fourth from left Diane Keefauver, sixth from left Keri Rautenkranz, seventh from left Rossana Cambron

James Caldwell, August 28, 2016 ·

Thanks to all, for the birthday wishes, I celebrated at a conference in Chicago with a few close friends, thanks again much love to you all!

CPUSA DFW Region Closed Group

Dallas commies.JPG

A closed Facebook page for Dallas/Fort Worth area Communist Party USA activists or friends, as of July 4, 2017.[6]

Members included James Caldwell.


In 2018 James Caldwell was a member of the Houston branch of the Communist Party USA.[7]

United Socialists initiative

United Socialists initiative is a Houston based Facebook group, run mainly by the Communist Party USA, but open to other leftist tendencies.

This group is for left unity. All factions of leftists welcome for open debate and forum discussion

United Socialists initiative closed Facebook group members, as of December 13, 2017 included James Caldwell. [8]