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Our Revolution - Texas is affiliated to Our Revolution and to Democratic Socialists of America.

Our Revolution statewide

From Our Revolution Texas Statewide Coordinator Chris Kutalik Cauthern:
Happy Fourth! Our Revolution - Texas is a statewide progressive populist organization formed in the wake of the Bernie Sanders campaign and dedicated to making the political revolution a long-haul reality in our state. In six months we covered the state in regional committees—but we are just getting started.
This summer we are revving up our organizing and our movement. Over the next two months our state and local groups are launching actions, town halls, marches, informational meetings, and more as part of Our Revolution's nationally-coordinated Summer for Progress. Two important events are happening this week alone—and plenty more coming down the pike!
In Austin Thursday July 6th, 12-1 pm Our Revolution - Texas and OR Central Texas are joining DSA, ADAPT, Left Up to US and more groups for an action at John Cornyn's office against Trumpcare. The action is part of a nationwide series of peaceful protest and civil disobedience at GOP senators' offices. Please come out, make some noise and RSVP here.
This Saturday July 10th, 10am-2pm in Houston, Our Revolution Gulf Coast, Houston Area Progressives, and Houston DSA are holding a Townhall and Health Fair for Medicare for All. Please join us for this important meeting and reserve your seat here.
In Solidarity,
Chris Kutalik Cauthern,
Our Revolution - Texas Statewide Coordinator


Kilpatrick campaign

Texas Our Revolution got involved in the 2017 Dallas ISD race, endorsing challenger Lori Kirkpatrick over incumbent Dustin Marshall. Kirkpatrick finished first in the District 2 race, just 14 votes shy of avoiding a runoff election with Marshall, despite being a political novice.

Our Revolution reached out to Kirkpatrick through its local contact, former DISD trustee candidate Kristi Lara.

Our Revolution sent “thousands of text messages encouraging our members to support Lori's campaign,” said spokesperson Diane May.[1]

Nitsch campaign

Democratic Left, 01.16.17

According to Austin Democratic Socialists of America members Bridget Tobin, Richard Croxdale, Glenn Scott, and Dale Webb of Austin-based progressive group Left Up To Us.

In a remarkable, unexpected down-ballot election victory in Austin, Texas, DSA member and Sanders campaign activist Julie Ann Nitsch won her runoff for Austin Community College (ACC) Board of Trustees on December 13th.

Nitsch started her campaign at a clear disadvantage, lacking name recognition or a political resume. She had never held a public office, or served on any local boards or commissions. Meanwhile, her strongest opponent had served as ACC trustee for the previous 6 years, had a long resume of community activism, and received endorsements from most local Democratic elected officials and leaders.

But Nitsch did have the strong backing of a huge Bernie movement in Central Texas, a DSA chapter whose large membership provided over 100 block walkers and phone bankers, and the full support of Our Revolution (the national organization that grew out of the Sanders campaign) in the runoff election.

Nitsch’s leadership in the Sanders campaign gained her the respect and support of hundreds of volunteers. After volunteering for the campaign in the summer of 2015, Nitsch became the Campaign Coordinator of Texans for Bernie for Travis County and, later, one of five Austin DSA members who served as Sanders delegates at the DNC.

Following Bernie’s loss in the primary, Nitsch’s campaign manager and digital director Liz Webster said “we realized we were no longer alone. We didn’t have to fight on our own.” She adds that in the wake of the Democratic National Convention in August, “These people were fired up and needed a candidate and Julie was the real deal. She was ready to do it and she was ready to stand up for them.”

Nitsch's progressive vision and strong support base made for a vigorous, people-powered campaign. According to Austin DSA Co-Chair Danny Fetonte, “DSA members provided the foot soldiers for the campaign.” Nearly 300 DSAers staffed phone banks, attended Democratic Clubs and union meetings with Nitsch, block walked, did mailings, and put up signs at member’s homes and at friendly businesses.

Our Revolution also played a pivotal role in Nitsch’s victory. They sent over 51,000 text messages and made over 13,000 calls to supporters during the campaign. According to volunteers, many of the people that voted for Nitsch did so as a direct result of Our Revolution’s concerted efforts.[2]