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Gabriel Medina

Supporting Dean Preston

Dean Preston for Supervisor March 2 2019:


With Graham Lewis, David Woo, Arthur Barry Persyko, Gabriel Markoff, Bryce Peppers, Jennifer Bolen, Seamus McGeever, Tom Gallagher, Norman Degelman, Buck Bagot, Rhonda Smith, Gail Packwood-Seagraves, Ilica Mocha, Kyle Smeallie, Debby Rovine, Julian LaRosa, MacKenzie Ewing, Brace Belden, Leslie Gray, Brenden Shucart, Kaylah Paige Williams, Tom Ammiano, Thompson Darcy, Dean Preston, Maya Chupkov, Sunnylyn Ballard Thibodeaux, Otto Pippenger, Jason Barrett Prado, Jen Snyder, Gabriel Medina, Larry-bob Roberts, Sara Shortt, Will Rostov, Theresa Imperial, Riel Fuller, Mark Leno, Jackie Fielder, Ellisa Beth, Avery Yu, Zhihan Zou, Jack LR, Brian Haagsman, Lisa Awbrey, Jackie Prager and Democratic Socialists of America: San Francisco in San Francisco, California.

Standing for AD 19

In 2019 Gabriel Medina stood from AD 19 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

THANK YOU for electing me to be one of your delegates to the California Democratic Party for Assembly District 19. It has been a tremendous honor to serve for the first time as both a native San Franciscan and first generation citizen. As the product of our SFUSD schools, including Hillcrest Elementary in the Portola, where I grew up for 25 years, Aptos Middle School near the OMI where I have lived as a tenant for the last 6 years, and Lowell High School which gave me a top-rate education, I have always been a loyal advocate for public schools and teachers. It’s the least I can do for what they have given me.

My mother volunteered at my schools, full-time when between jobs and often part-time when she worked. But she could not vote to improve our schools, despite how dedicated she was to my education. This served as fuel for when I managed Prop N (2016), winning the right for Non-Citizen Parents to vote in our SF School Board elections.

My education, which includes City College of San Francisco and UC Berkeley, gave me the opportunity to work as an executive at an SF based tech startup as well as staff for the California State Assembly. But my career has been dedicated to public service. I have been working in nonprofits for almost 10 years, including the past 5 in the Mission for Development without Displacement which includes fighting for affordable housing, community serving businesses and equitable public education.

I have been a dedicated Democratic Party activist, from working as a Deputy Field Organizer for Obama’s 2008 campaign in North Carolina, to constant service on the board of the San Francisco Latino Democratic Club, where I have been elected for 6 years. I have also been elected as Secretary of the Chicano Latino Caucus of the California Democratic Party for the last 5 years. But my work and perspective remain rooted in equity and community in my time devoted as Treasurer for La Raza Community Resource Center, Board of the Mission YMCA and UCSF’s Community Advisory Group.

I believe in Strong Unions and will remain a champion for working families. My parents and brother were all members of SEIU locals 1000, 2015 as well as the old Local 790. I believe and WILL FIGHT FOR Abolishing ICE, Medicare for All, Reproductive Justice, a Homeless Bill of Rights and Repealing Costa Hawkins.[1]

Dem slate

Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza January 8, 2017:


My awesome slate members. We ran an amazing campaign for such short notice, and I'm so proud to have had a chance to work with all of them. — with Kelly Akemi Groth, Brandon Harami, Amy Erb, Li Miao Lovett, Maureen Dugan, Gabriel Medina and Ian Fregosi at Cafe Doelger.