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Zhihan Zou

Supporting Dean Preston

Dean Preston for Supervisor March 2 2019:


With Graham Lewis, David Woo, Arthur Barry Persyko, Gabriel Markoff, Bryce Peppers, Jennifer Bolen, Seamus McGeever, Tom Gallagher, Norman Degelman, Buck Bagot, Rhonda Smith, Gail Packwood-Seagraves, Ilica Mocha, Kyle Smeallie, Debby Rovine, Julian LaRosa, MacKenzie Ewing, Brace Belden, Leslie Gray, Brenden Shucart, Kaylah Paige Williams, Tom Ammiano, Thompson Darcy, Dean Preston, Maya Chupkov, Sunnylyn Ballard Thibodeaux, Otto Pippenger, Jason Barrett Prado, Jen Snyder, Gabriel Medina, Larry-bob Roberts, Sara Shortt, Will Rostov, Theresa Imperial, Riel Fuller, Mark Leno, Jackie Fielder, Ellisa Beth, Avery Yu, Zhihan Zou, Jack LR, Brian Haagsman, Lisa Awbrey, Jackie Prager and Democratic Socialists of America: San Francisco in San Francisco, California.

Standing for AD 17

In 2019 Zhihan Zou stood from AD 17 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

Field Director, Matt Haney for Supervisor My name is Zhihan Zou and I am running to represent you as AD17 Delegate.
An immigrant myself, I worked at Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus where we served low-income immigrant communities and successfully led fights against Trump administration policies. I served on the Board of the San Francisco Young Democrats and helped lead successful efforts in a grassroots Supervisor campaign in a San Francisco district that has become ground zero for the biggest challenges around housing, homelessness, income inequality, and displacement.
As the rest of the country looks to California to lead with innovation and compassion, this is the moment for us to dictate what the future looks like. I would be honored to have your vote this January 12th and I hope you will support the entire Reform Democrats for Labor and Equity slate.[1]