Helga Rodriguez

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Helga Rodriguez

Helga Rodriguez is a Southern California activist.

LA Pride march

Amy J. Smith June 15, 2017:


LA Pride — with Sonum Dixit, Jason Schadewald, Betty Doumas, Helga Rodriguez, Jenni Chang and Gideon Sarantinos.

Healthcare protest

Jenni Chang November 20, 2017:

We meant it when we said we wouldn’t give up this fight. Just need to keep seeing and creating the light! Single payer–SB562 at Doo Dah Parade over the weekend—these folks fire it up wherever possible ☀️🔥💪


📷 Cary Winston Eatmon — with Tim Parks, Clifford J. Tasner, Cary Winston Eatmon, Cesar Blackbeard, Raven Gilliam, Helga Rodriguez, Erika Gabaldon Feresten, Pilar Schiavo, Carol Fodera, Angel Leung and Maureen Cruise.

Centro CSO May Day

Emmanuel Salgado May 3, 2018:


5/1/18 Centro CSO May Day Boyle Heights starting point. #workers #Policekillings #immigration #Charterschools — with Jared Hamil, Luis Humberto Sifuentes, Helga Rodriguez, Carlos M. Montes and Sol Már.

Anti ICE protest

NoBS Media February 17, 2018:


With Reggie Wong, Cecilia Velasco, Qwazi Vs, Reuben Olivas, Mary Tokita, Virginia Watanabe, Janice Kehr, Lesley Kushner, Kate Savage, Nancy Kim, Tahbarri Clendinen, Heron Carrillo, Jonathan Klein, Jasmine Mendoza, Helga Rodriguez, Keith Anthony Sikora, Ivy Quicho, Stevie Jay, Noemi Tungui, Jas Lo, Hsingii Tseng Bird, Huitzilopochtli Naui, Ellie Sugarman, Hambis Charalambous and Gee Chang in Los Angeles, California.

Beutner protest

Kenneth Mejia January 20 2019:

Austin Beutner!

You can't hide, we can see your greedy side in bougie rich Pacific Palisades! We'll bring the hoods to you! ✊🏽🔥

Union Members, Housing/Homeless Activists, Green Party Members, Progressive Dems gave a SURPRISE visit to Los Angeles Superintendent's (Austin Beutner's) $14.8 MILLION MANSION. Beutner is on a mission to defund LA Public Schools! 🔥✊🏽


That's his big ass mansion behind us. LA teachers can barely afford to live in their homes, they teach large class sizes, & they're under the constant threat of privatization by private & charter schools! — with Dori Sharp, Juan Verden, Cesar Go, Liz Solis, Mel Tillekeratne, Byron Cortez, Helga Rodriguez, Amy J. Smith and Maria Estrada.