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Chinese for Affirmative Action is allied to NAKASEC.[1]


  • Germaine Wong is currently board co-chair of Chinese for Affirmative Action. Forty-three years ago she co-founded the organization with four other people. CAA came out of the thriving U.S. civil rights movement in 1969 to fight for equal rights for the Chinese community.
  • Ling-Chi Wang helped establish Asian American Studies and taught its first course in 1969. He is a founder of Chinese for Affirmative Action and the recipient of the Association for Asian American Studies Lifetime Achievement Award.[2]
  • Lillian Sing,
  • Buddy Choi
  • Alice Leung Barkley?

Russ Lowe gives tribute to Bill Jeong

Russ Lowe gives tribute to Bill Jeong

From an August 8 2018 Chinese for Affirmative Action Facebook post:[3],(archived)[4]

"CAA mourns the loss of William "Bill" Jeong, a long time board member and community leader. Bill generously gave his time and was a staunch supporter of CAA’s mission to defend and promote the civil rights of Chinese and Asian Americans.
"In memory of Bill, CAA former staff Russ Lowe wrote a letter commemorating Bill's early life, where he began his passion for helping the Chinese community at Cal Poly."

Judy Chu: Trump policy is 'racist'

From an July 27 2018 Chinese for Affirmative Action Facebook post:[5](archived)[6]

"Under Obama, Chinese students were able to secure 5 year visas to study. Now under Trump? 1 year. Increased suspicion of Chinese students reflect a growing tension between the US and China and have had real ramifications on the Chinese American community (i.e. Wen Ho Lee, Xiaoxing Xi, Sherry Chen, Etc)
"It is a sentiment that some, such as Representative Judy Chu, Democrat of California, believe underscores a tone of racism behind the policy change. The restrictions, she said, equate to targeting 'an entire ethnic group of people for suspicion that they’re spies for China.'"

Past personnel

2003 staff

Many thanks to those who left us stronger Diane Chin, Executive Director 1998-2003 Lily Chow, Employment Advocate 2000-2003.[7]

2003-2004 Board of Trustees


Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) June 27, 2017.

With Bo Cheng, Annette Wong, M. Min-Chong Lin, Sammie Ablaza Wills, Vincent Pan, Lily Wong, Linda Liu, Monna Wong, Susan Hsieh and Cynthia Choi.


CAA Board

AACRE Trustees

In 2012, CAA re-launched Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality (AACRE) to be of service to grassroots social justice efforts. AACRE is now home to nine Asian American and Pacific Islander groups connected by shared values and organizational infrastructure. In addition to the CAA Board that governs Chinese for Affirmative Action, a group of AACRE Trustees has oversight responsibilities for the network. The Trustees are:


In early October 2017, Chinese for Affirmative Action joined Chinese Progressive Association, Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus and notable community leaders Henry Der, Ling-chi Wang, and Helen Zia to form the End National Security Scapegoating (ENSS) coalition. The coalition was established in response to pervasive efforts by the U.S. Department of Justice that target and prosecute Chinese American individuals for espionage related crimes.

One such Chinese American is Professor Xiaoxing Xi, who, in 2015, was falsely charged and prosecuted by the FBI for allegedly sharing technology to a Chinese-based company. He faced charges carrying a maximum penalty of 80 years in prison and a $1 million fine. After causing significant hardship and distress to Professor Xi and his family, the FBI eventually dropped the case without explanation or an apology.


Members of the ENSS coalition and supporters at San Francisco State University. From left to right: Cynthia Choi, CAA Co-Executive Director; CA Assemblymember Phil Ting; Prof. Xiaoxing Xi; Grace Yoo, Chair of the Asian American Studies Dept.; Dr. Russell Jeung, SFSU Professor; Pam Tau Lee, Chinese Progressive Association Board Chair.

Today, Professor Xi is seeking justice and accountability for his wrongful prosecution and to help end national security scapegoating and racial profiling in general. In efforts to raise awareness and to mobilize the community, the ENSS coalition invited Professor Xi to participate in a speaking tour at San Francisco State University, University of California-Berkeley, and Stanford University. Along with other experts, Professor Xi spoke powerfully about the dangers of racial bias in government surveillance programs based on his own experience.

Regrettably, this form of discrimination is part of our U.S. history. From the Chinese Exclusion Act to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, Asian Americans have been labeled and profiled as perpetual foreigners and threats to national security. The Muslim Ban, police violence against African Americans, and attacks against immigrants today must be understood in this same vein.

CAA, with our ENSS coalition partners, will continue to oppose efforts to racially profile Asians Americans under the false pretext of national security, to advocate for greater government accountability, and to build alliances across affected communities.[8]

Support City College of San Francisco

Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA), July 31, 2012.


Chinese for Affirmative Action joins several community leaders to support City College of San Francisco during these tough budget times for our public education system. Supervisors Eric Mar and David Chiu introduced a supportive resolution at 2pm today to the BOS. — with Alex T. Tom, Henry Der, Eric Mar, Vincent Pan, and David Chiu.

Proposition N

Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) May 23, 2018


For immediate release, please see our press release on San Francisco Board of Supervisors passing Non-Citizen Vote implementation. Thank you to all of our community allies ( Carecen SF African Advocacy Network) for providing their support and Supervisors Norman Yee Sandra Lee Fewer, Hillary Ronen for sponsoring the ordinance!

“The implementation of Prop N will enable working immigrant families to address K-12 education equity issues through the power of the ballot,” said Cynthia Choi, co-executive director of CAA. “For more than a decade immigrant families and parents leaders have fought hard to make Proposition N a reality, and the Department of Elections is now clearly tasked and given direction on how to implement Prop N despite the challenges of the current political climate.”


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