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Bridgette Burge

Bridgette Burge is a Raleigh, North Carolina activist. Interim Executive Assistant Southern Vision Alliance.

Bridgette grew up in Memphis, Tennessee in a white, blue-collar family with a lineage of southern farmers on her father’s side and with Appalachian and Louisianan folks on her mother’s side. Her ancestors immigrated from England, Ireland, and Scotland. After graduate school in anthropology, she moved to Raleigh, NC to work with NC Peace Action and the NC Peace and Justice Coalition organizing for an end to war and imperialism. Bridgette launched “Heirs to a Fighting Tradition,” a grassroots oral history project that recorded the life histories of North Carolina-based activists and organizers. The Heirs Project collection resides at UNC’s Southern Oral History Project.

As co-director of the racial justice program and later director of community advocacy at the YWCA of the Greater Triangle, she played a role in founding the Education Justice Alliance and the Youth Organizing Institute and served on the leadership team for several years. Bridgette worked at the NC Center for Nonprofits for seven years, and established the multi-year “Walking the Talk” program to build nonprofits’ capacity for race equity work.[1]

She lives with her partner in Raleigh, NC.


Freedom Road Socialist Organization


Bridgette Burge is close to Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Chip Smith Memorial

Guests at Chip Smith's March 2018 memorial service included Dave Austin, Bridgette Burge, Bryan Proffitt, Saladin Muhammad, Ajamu Dillahunt, Rukiya Dillahunt, Susan Perry Cole (Racial Justice Group), Marcus Thomas (Racial Justice Group), Susan Ayers (PFlag), Don Cavalini, Lois Anderson, Charlie Orrock, State Senator Angela Bryant "a comrade of Chip's", a letter from Marvin Winstead, and a messages Meizhu Lui, Michelle Foy, Bill Fletcher, Jr. as Freedom Road Socialist Organization members.

Fayetteville peace rally

The Fayetteville rally for peace was held on March 19th 2005.

Speakers included;

MCs were Bridgette Burge, Peace LEAP (NC; and Bryan Proffitt, North Carolina Peace and Justice Coalition.[2]


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