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Aparna Shah has worked for social change and expanded democracy with immigrant and refugee low-income communities for over 22 years. Before becoming Senior Advisor, Aparna was Co-Executive Director of Power California and before that she was the Executive Director of Mobilize the Immigrant Vote starting in 2009. Under her leadership, MIV organized statewide campaigns reaching 275,000+ immigrant and refugee voters of color, built the long-term infrastructure and capacity of grassroots immigrant and refugee organizations across the state to run electoral and issue campaigns, and established a sister organization, the MIV Action Fund. Prior to Power California, Aparna worked to advance the self-determination and reproductive justice of women, people of color, and queer communities and spent several years working to transform a public middle school into a vibrant youth and community center in San Francisco’s Mission District. Aparna is a Levi Strauss Foundation Pioneers in Justice Fellow, sits on the Board of 18 Million Rising, and holds a Master of Health Sciences degree from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She was born in Manila, grew up in Mumbai, and now lives with her family in Oakland, CA.[1]

From the Ashes

From the Ashes: The 1992 Civil Unrest and the Rise of Social Movement Organizing was held Thursday, April 26, 2012 USC Davidson Conference Center. Many of the panelists were affiliated with the.

Workshop #4 | Measuring Movement Building: Defining Metrics that Matter

Movements are something special – they go beyond an organization to become sustained groupings with shared values, a common narrative, a broad and deep base, and a long-term commitment to change. Typical metrics, however, focus on individuals not communities, on organizations not movements, on institutions not intersections. This workshop will look at ways that movement builders, funders, and others are seeking a new framework and key milestones to gauge movement building.


Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders for Bernie

Erica Y. Lee, June 1, 2016:


Photo Credit: Arun Chaudhary — with Tulsi Gabbard, Timmy Lu, Jane Sandoval, Aparna Shah and Bernie Sanders.

Deep Democracy Lab


Movement Strategy Center May 19, 2017;

The beloved community of this week's Deep Democracy lab! #connection #courage #commitment <3 <3 <3 — with Jodeen Olguin-Tayler, Ana Cecilia Perez, Tammy Johnson, Nwamaka Agbo, Alexis Flanagan, Rosie Abriam, Michael Scott Nine, Vanessa Nisperos, Tomas Garduno, Yalini Dream, Gerardo Marin, Calvin Williams, Miya Yoshitani, Judith LeBlanc, Anthony Giancatarino, Taj James, Byron Gudiel, Julie Quiroz, Victoria Benson, Kristen Zimmerman, Beth Glenn, Ariel Jacobson, Rosa Esperanza Gonzalez, Rachel Humphrey, Nanci Lee, Mimi Ho, Supriya Lopez Pillai, Dana Ginn Paredes, Kelly Miller, Marc Mascarenhas-Swan, Helen S. Kim, Jovida Ross, Aparna Shah, Aisha Shillingford, Sarah Quiroga and Jacqui Patterson.