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Anthony Giancatarino

Energy Democracy comrades gather

Soulardarity July 3·


We are beyond honored to have hosted this convening of visionary, boots-on-the-ground, people-powered grassroots leaders for Energy Democracy! This movement is growing, and it's black and brown and indigenous and working class communities driving it forward. We are claiming victory. We are claiming a just transition that stops climate change and repairs the harms wrought by monopoly capitalism, white supremacy, and the fossil fuel economy. From every corner of this country, and to allies across the globe, we are organizing to make this vision real. Onward! — with Darryl E. Jordan, Shiva Patel, Maria Martin-Thomas, Jacqui Patterson, Johanna Bozuwa, Anthony Giancatarino, Jonathan Wesley Hutto, Timothy Den Herder-Thomas, Jesse James Deer In Water, Subin DeVar and Gibran DuBois Washington.

Deep Democracy Lab


Movement Strategy Center May 19, 2017;

The beloved community of this week's Deep Democracy lab! #connection #courage #commitment <3 <3 <3 — with Jodeen Olguin-Tayler, Ana Cecilia Perez, Tammy Johnson, Nwamaka Agbo, Alexis Flanagan, Rosie Abriam, Michael Scott Nine, Vanessa Nisperos, Tomas Garduno, Yalini Dream, Gerardo Marin, Calvin Williams, Miya Yoshitani, Judith LeBlanc, Anthony Giancatarino, Taj James, Byron Gudiel, Julie Quiroz, Victoria Benson, Kristen Zimmerman, Beth Glenn, Ariel Jacobson, Rosa Esperanza Gonzalez, Rachel Humphrey, Nanci Lee, Mimi Ho, Supriya Lopez Pillai, Dana Ginn Paredes, Kelly Miller, Marc Mascarenhas-Swan, Helen S. Kim, Jovida Ross, Aparna Shah, Aisha Shillingford, Sarah Quiroga and Jacqui Patterson.