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Template:TOCnestleft Against the Current is the journal of the U.S. Trotskyite organization, Solidarity.

Solidarity was formed as part of a project of regroupment of the U.S. Left. This publication, as part of this project, presents many points of view. As such, debates are frequent and informative, and the level of analysis is very high. Against the Current's goal is to promote dialogue among activists, organizers, and serious scholars on the Left.


Against the Current Editorial Board, 2017 Editors

Advisory Editors

1986 Masthead

The following worked for the magazine in 1986:[1]


Advisory Editors

2009 Board

Editors as of 2009[2];

Advisory Editors, as of 2009[3];


The following contributed to the Jan-Feb, 1986 edition:[1]

Letters to the Editor:

The following contributed to the Mar-Apr, 1986 edition:[1]



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