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Sam Farber is a Cuban-born political scientist and veteran radical.

Socialism 2018

Samuel Farber was a speaker at Socialism 2018, an annual socialist gathering sponsored by the International Socialist Organization held in Chicago, Illinois in July 2018.[1] Go to the main page of ISO Socialism Conference...

Spoke at Socialism 2016 Conference

Some of our Speakers at Socialism 2016 included:

Defending Cuba

In the mid 1960s Farber wrote “Revolution and Reaction in Cuba, 1933-1960,” perhaps the first critical Marxist treatment of the pre-history of the Cuban Revolution The book, widely reviewed, "was predictably slammed on the Right for defending the right to rebel against neo-colonialism and for refusing to buy the line that the Cuban Revolution was in essence a Soviet-orchestrated putsch that forestalled the nation’s inevitable return to democratic civil society."[2]

Socialist Scholars Conference

Alexandr Buzgalin, Richard Greeman and Sam Farber were speakers on the Self management and the Future of the October Revolution panel sponsored by the Radical Philosophy Association at the Tenth Annual Socialist Scholars Conference. The conference was held April 24-26, 1992 at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York City.

He spoke alongside Erwin Marquit, Editor, Nature Society & Theory; Paul Le Blanc and Ahmed Shawki, International Socialist Organization on the The Leninist Party: Authoritarian or Revolutionary? panel sponsored by the International Socialist Organization.

Farber also spoke alongside Hillel Ticktin and Susan Weissman, KPFK on the End of Stalinism, Whither Socialism? panel.[3]

Cuba trip

The October 2000, issue of Labor Notes "carries a well-argued piece, “The AFL-CIO Should Oppose the Blockade of Cuba,” written from a democratic socialist viewpoint essentially in line with past DSA resolutions.

Also "worth reading is another article by one of the authors, Sam Farber, on his recent trip to Cuba in New Politics #29".[4]

New Politics

As of 2009 Sam Farber served as a sponsor of New Politics, magazine almost completely staffed and run by members of Democratic Socialists of America[5].

Campaign for Peace and Democracy

Farber is listed as an endorser of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy, as of March 15, 2010.[6]

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