Nomi Prins

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Nomi Prins

Nomi a financial analyst and socialist activist.

Socialist connections

In April 2002 Nomi Prins addressed[1]Panel #26 "ENRON - Unnatural Disaster" sponsored by the Union for Radical Political Economics(URPE), at the Democratic Socialists of America organized Socialist Scholars Conference at Cooper Union, New York.

Prins was described in conference literature, as a member of the URPE's Economy Connection and a former investment banker with over a decade of experience in the financial sector...has run bond and derivative strategy groups at JPM/Chase in New York, Bear Stearns in London and most recently as Managing Director at Goldman Sachs in New York, from which she resigned January 2002.

In 2004 Prins (representing Demos this time) addressed[2]Panel #14 "The Soul of Capitalism" at that year's Socialist Scholars Conference.

In 2007 Prins wrote an article "The Sub-Prime Market Crisis" for the November issue of Trotskyist magazine Against the Current.

Also in 2007 Prins addressed[3]Left Forum (successor to Socialist Scholars Conference) in New York on "Wage Stagnation, Growing Insecurity, and the Future of the U.S. Working Class" (LF)

In April 2009 Prins addressed[4]a Left Forum panel "Nationalize the Banks! What Does it Really Mean?" with DSA member Leo Panitch.

Against the Current

In 2009 Nomi Prins was listed as an advisory editor of Against the Current, bi-monthly analytical journal of U.S. Trotskyite organization Solidarity .[5]

Demos Involvement

In 2009 Nomi Prins was a Senior Fellow of New York based think tank Demos.[6]