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David Bacon

David Baconis associate editor at Pacific News Service; author of books on immigration, most recently Illegal People: How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants; and a reporter and documentary photographer for 18 years whose work has appeared in such publications as TruthOut, The Nation, The American Prospect, The Progressive, and the San Francisco Chronicle.[1]

Communist youth conference

After the Conference of Socialist Youth in March 1964, it was decided to hold the next convention in Chicago, and there form a new national youth organization. The Coordinating Committee determined to switch the meeting place to San Francisco, however, and to hold it on June 19 through 21, 1964. The New organization was named the W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America and would serve as the youth wing of the Communist Party USA.

Those who signed the “call” for this June 1964 convention, as set forth on page 15 of The Convener No. 4, included David Bacon of the Berkeley High School Socialist Club.[2]

WEB DuBois Clubs of America

In 2014, David Bacon, was listed a a friend on the DuBois Clubs Facebook page.[3]

Peoples Weekly World

In the 1980s, David Bacon was a staff member of the Peoples Weekly World.

Communist Party reformer

In 1991 David Bacon was one of several hundred Communist Party USA members to sign the a paper "An initiative to Unite and Renew the Party"-most signatories left the Party after the December 1991 conference to found Committees of Correspondence.[4]

David Bacon is listed as a sponsor of the Niebyl Proctor-Marxist Library in Oakland California.[5]

CoC National Conference endorser

In 1992 David Bacon, labor organiser Berkeley endorsed the Committees of Correspondence national conference Conference on Perspectives for Democracy and Socialism in the 90s held at Berkeley California July 17-19.[6]

Conference on Perspectives for Democracy and Socialism in the 90s

The Conference on Perspectives for Democracy and Socialism in the 90s was the Committees of Correspondence's first national conference held in Berkeley, California July 17-19, 1992.[7]

Workshops that were held at the conference on Saturday, July 18 included:[8]

Unorganized What should be the left's role in organizing the unorganized? Can labor's current decline be arrested?

"Full Employment in an Age of Globalization"

On June 8 1997 over 50 Bay Area DSA members and friends met to engage in a panel discussion on "Full Employment in an Age of Globalization". Focusing on Representative (and DSA Vice Chair) Ron Dellums' Living Wage, Jobs for All bill, HR 1050, the panel included David Bacon, labor reporter, John Katz of DSA, Ying Lee, legislative assistant to Congressmember Dellums and Barbara Arms of the Full Employment Coalition. [9]

Center for Political Education

In 1998 David Bacon, labor journalist, gave a talk entitled "International Labor Solidarity vs. International Business Unionism". The talk was sponsored by the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism linked organization, the Center for Political Education.[10]

In 2001 David Bacon, Victor Saldana, a DeBug youth organizer, Susana Aguilar of SEIU Local 1877 and Jim Steele of Enloe Hospital and the California Nurses Association gave talks entitled: Fighting the Union Busting Machine: Rank and file workers discuss the contemporary class warfare. The talks were hosted by the Center for Political Education.[10]

In 2004 David Bacon gave a talk entitled: "The Children of NAFTA", a discussion on the political economy of the US/Mexico border and the impact cross-border movement has had on US and Mexican politics. The talk was hosted by the Center for Political Education.[10]

Sacramento Marxist School

On Sept 18 2003 David Bacon lectured at the Sacramento Marxist School on International Labor Solidarity.[11]

On Dec 12 2006 David Bacon presented a photo presentation at the Sacramento Marxist School on NAFTA and Immigration.

Committees of Correspondence conferences

At the Committees of Correspondence National Conference and Convention, July 25-28, 2002 San Francisco State University.

Disarmament and the Military Budget. Panelists included: Kenneth Riley, David Bacon,, Marilyn Albert, Renee Saucedo, Angela Sambrano, Cathi Tactaquin, Marty Price, Patrice Sewell, Joan Cohen, Claire Carsman, James Campbell, Peter Orris, Thelma Correll, Edith Pollach, Amaha Kassa, Harry Targ, Steve Williams, Karen Talbot, Mort Frank, David Cohen.[12]

CCDS Convention


David Bacon addressed the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism 5th National Convention, July 21-23, 2006.

The "Economic and Social Justice" panel featured:[13]

David Bacon spoke at the 6th National Convention of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS) at San Francisco's Whitcomb Hotel July 23-26 2009 at the labor workshop. It pulled together more than 45 activists working in and around many of the major unions in the country. Four veteran activists in the labor movement: Bill Fletcher Jr, the former Education Director of the AFL-CIO, David Bacon, labor and immigrant rights journalist, Maria Guillen, SEIU and Frank Hammer, former UAW local union president from the Detroit area spoke.[14]

A key issue addressed by the workshop was the struggle of U.S. workers against global neo-liberal policies of capital. Hammer said that "in a world of globalization we are all foreign workers."

Key issues in the struggle against neo-liberalism highlighted by the workshop are the right to organize and defend against union busting, union democracy, the plight of undocumented workers, and the need for broad forms of struggle by workers such as working people's assemblies, unemployed councils, and municipal movements.

DSA member

In 2007, David Bacon was a member of Democratic Socialists of America.[15]

DataCenter Donor

In 2007 David Bacon was listed on the DataCenter's annual report as a donor to the organization. The Oakland, California based DataCenter is widely regarded as the intellegence wing of the United States Left and has close ties to Cuba.[16]

Progressive Forum 2008

Sacramento Progressive Alliance's Progressive Forum 2008, was held Forrest Suite: University Union. CSU –Sacramento Oct.9 , 2008.

Join us for a dialogue on current issues facing the progressive movements and their allies in our region. The Progressive Forum seeks to bring together scholars, students, social justice and union activists, and policy makers to nurture a new kind of conversation from within the campus and the social movements.

9 am

  • Bill Fletcher, Jr., author . Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path Toward Social Justice.
  • David Bacon, author, Illegal People: How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants.
  • Renee Saucedo; Immigrant Worker Organizing Centers


Center for Labor Renewal

In 2009 David Bacon was listed as an endorser of the Center for Labor Renewal.[18]

"Real World Labor"

Real world labor.jpg

In August 2009 Dollars & Sense, produced an anthology entitled "Real World Labor", edited by Immanuel Ness, Amy Offner and Chris Sturr and the Dollars & Sense Collective.

Contributors included David Bacon, Kim Bobo, Aviva Chomsky, Steve Early, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Staughton Lynd, Arthur MacEwan, John Miller, Frances Fox Piven, Robert Pollin, Jane Slaughter.[19]