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Art MacEwan is Professor of Economics Emeritus at U. Mass Boston, and a member of the Dollars & Sense collective.[1]

Union for Radical Political Economics

In 1968, Art MacEwan was a founding member of the Union for Radical Political Economics, an alternative professional organization for left political economists and an intellectual home for academics, policy-makers, and activists.[2]

People’s Summit

September 25, 2009 "Talk Back to the G-20 at the People’s Summit about our jobs, homes, health and environment, with Jill Stein, Art MacEwan, and Avi Chomsky": at Northeastern University, Boston.[3]

"Real World Labor"

Real world labor.jpg

In August 2009 Dollars & Sense, produced an anthology entitled "Real World Labor", edited by Immanuel Ness, Amy Offner and Chris Sturr and the Dollars & Sense Collective.

Contributors included David Bacon, Kim Bobo, Aviva Chomsky, Steve Early, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Staughton Lynd, Arthur MacEwan, John Miller, Frances Fox Piven, Robert Pollin, Jane Slaughter.[4]

"21st Century Socialism"

On May 12, 2010, Elaine Bernard and Art MacEwan addressed a Boston Democratic Socialists of America discussion meeting, 45 Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge on "21st Century Socialism".[5]