Michela Martinazzi

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Michela Martinazzi

Michela Martinazzi is a Brooklyn, New York activist. Marketing Manager at Visotsky Consulting Inc.. From Turin, Italy.


Studied French at University of Florida.


Tampa activist

Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! hosted a discussion panel for International Women's Day, March 8, 2015 at the First United Church of Tampa.

Marisol Marquez and Alicia Gazga spoke on behalf of Raices en Tampa. They spoke of the Farah Strike in El Paso, Texas. Alicia Gazga said of the strike, “We chose this topic in celebration of International Women's Day; these were revolutionary women who stood up and said enough is enough. Their history led to better pay and they were able to unionize.”

Danya Zituni of The Committee to Stop FBI Repression-Tampa spoke of the fights of Arab and Muslim women for liberation, stating "Arab and Muslim women residing domestically and abroad bear the brunt of various forms of damage due to American imperialism. Palestinian women and native women everywhere have a righteous anger toward ending colonialism and imperialism, and this refutes the idea militancy is somehow masculine. As the primary targets we deserve to be on the front lines. There are many examples of strong resistance to capitalism, colonialism and imperialism by revolutionary Arab women such as Souha Bechara of the Lebanese Communist Party and Leila Khaled of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.” Zituni also spoke of the necessity to fight against the government's current attacks against Rasmea Odeh, who has been a tireless advocate for Arab and Muslim women.

Michela Martinazzi of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! talked about the history of International Women's Day.[1]

Disrupting pro-Israel event


A group of ten activists stood out in front of the University of South Florida (USF) Hillel building, April 12 2015, in protest of a vigil being held for Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The vigil was in remembrance of IDF soldiers who were killed by Palestinian ‘terrorists,’ meaning the people who defend their land against U.S.-backed Israeli settlers.

"When Hillel says 'fighting terrorism,' we understand what that truly means,” said Michela Martinazzi of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression-Tampa.

Danya Zituni, a leader in both of the organizations present, spoke about how the event fell close to the anniversary Deir Yassin massacre, which helped lead to the occupation of Palestine.

“Only a few days ago on April 9 was the anniversary of the Deir Yassin Massacre, when three Zionist militias attacked the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin, murdering over 100 women, men and children. This was one of many dozens of massacres that led to the ethnic cleansing of over 1 million Palestinians through which the state of ‘Israel’ was created.”

"The enemy is not so scary if the best they can do is call us names and park vans in front of us,” said Gage Lacharite of Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society.[2]

Freedom Road


In 2016 Michela Martinazzi, Dave Schneider and Michael Sampson III, were members of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!.

"Socialism 101"

On March 4, 2017, Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! (FRSO) hosted a workshop titled “Socialism 101: Students, Socialism & The Revolution” at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. The workshop included an introduction to socialist theory, followed by discussion on applying socialist theory to the student movement.

“In the Trump era of declining capitalism and overt oppression, student organizing becomes more important than ever. Students are in the unique position where they have the ability and time to learn socialist theories while directly putting them into practice through a campus-based campaign. Plus, the world that Trump is creating is going to be left behind to the youth to fix. Students are perfectly positioned to affect expansive and rapid change, which we need now more than ever,” Michela Martinazzi of FRSO said about the students’ role in organizing for socialism and against Trump’s agenda.

“While they are in school, students and youth must become anti-imperialists, and take up the struggles of the multinational working class and oppressed nationalities and put those demands in the forefront, working to advance the interests of the people and land blows against the ruling class and their cronies.” said Ian Gallagher of FRSO, highlighting the importance of organizing in the student movement.[3]