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United for a Fair Economy is a partner organization of the Institute for Policy Studies.[1] It is associated with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.


The mission of United for a Fair Economy as stated on their website is,

"UFE raises awareness that concentrated wealth and power undermine the economy, corrupt democracy, deepen the racial divide, and tear communities apart. We support and help build social movements for greater equality."[2]


UFE works in five major program areas. Each area draws on their popular education methodology, critical analysis, innovative messaging research and media capacity:[3]

Popular Economics Education

This program runs workshops on different aspects of economic inequality with labor, immigrant communities, youth, religious groups, colleges and non-profits across the US. The goal is not merely to educate, but to move participants to action.

Fair Taxation

UFE helps local, state and national groups defend progressive taxation, and influence tax and budget issues. We help strengthen the capacity of state coalitions that have a strategic opportunity to affect tax reform. We continue the fight to keep a reformed estate tax, and actively participate in building a permanent national movement infrastructure to address the assault on progressive taxation at all levels.

Racial Wealth Divide

UFE is undertaking educational and outreach efforts to address the racial disparities of wealth. In 2006, they published The Color of Wealth, a book about the racial wealth divide aimed at a wide audience.

Economia Justa

Their Spanish-language programs include workshops, media work, and web-based materials. Several of the Economia Justa projects deal with immigration, remittances, and how the U.S. economy is tied to the world economy.

Responsible Wealth

Responsible Wealth is a national network of businesspeople, investors and affluent Americans who are concerned about the deepening economic inequality in the U.S. and are working for widespread prosperity.


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