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Tito Jackson is a protege of Deval Patrick.

Mimi Turchinetz connection


In 2013 Mimi Turchinetz supported Tito Jackson's Boston Mayoralty campaign. As she herself stood for Council.

A little bit of rain did not dampen the spirits of the crowd at Tito Jackson's turkey fry this afternoon. If you wanted to find the Mayoral candidates it was the place to be. We were also pleased to be joined by US Senate candidate Ed Markey. Let's bring that enthusiasm to the voters and work for a good turn out in September. Check out mimiforcouncil and like me on my mimifor council Facebook page!

Honoring Mel King

On February 23rd 2011, the Boston Women's Fund held its second Men Take A Stand event, recognizing men who promote peace, equality and the leadership of women and girls. This year BWF honored local activist, statesman, MIT adjunct professor and community organizer Mel King. BWF granted him the “Social Justice in Action” award for his many years of dedication to community organizing, youth development, nonviolence and for Taking A Stand in supporting the leadership of women and girls.

For over 55 years, Mel King, the community activist and organizer, worked determinedly for social justice across race, class, gender and age in Boston. After being a State Representative for nearly 10 years, King was the first black mayoral candidate for the city of Boston in 1983. King founded the Community Fellows program at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology where he taught for 25 years and has since established the South End Technology Center to provide youth with access to technology.

The 150 people at the event included members of the BWF family, political figures, and fans and family of Mel King. Political figures included Governor Deval Patrick, who participated and shared in this memorable evening, State Representative Russell Holmes, District 2 City Council candidate Suzanne Lee, and District 7 City Council candidate, Tito Jackson.

Governor Deval Patrick spoke about the importance of Mel King’s activism and achievements. He was grateful to King for being a “first” and for running for Mayor, which paved the way for Patrick’s successful election. Patrick’s statement that “Mel King is a living example of how to be and what to do” resonated with the audience.

Josefina Vazquez, BWF executive director, was joined by Governor Patrick in presenting the “Social Justice in Action” award to Mel King for his many years of dedication to community organizing and youth development, and for Taking A Stand in supporting the leadership of women and girls. Said Deval Patrick:

Mel King’s fifty year legacy of social activism and civic leadership is an inspiration to all of us who strive to be an uplifting force in our communities. We honor his commitment to social progress at the grassroots and his continuing impact on the lives of so many young people across the Commonwealth.” [1]

Interfaith gathering


Nadeem Mazen December 11, 2016 ·

Inspiring gathering of 2,600+ strong tonight at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC), at which spiritual leaders from across the Greater Boston area spoke about the importance of listening, learning, and loving one another during this time of national transition. I'm thankful to The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization for organizing the event and being an example of dignity and diligence for all of us.

I'm proud to be signing their Interreligious Statement, which will be widely shared soon. #OutofMany1 — with Tito Jackson, Marty Walsh and Elizabeth Warren at Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center.[2]


Resilient Boston is the result of input from more than 11,000 Bostonians. It reflects a collaborative and inclusive approach to developing solutions to address racial equity and resilience challenges. It seeks to break down typical City silos, use data to inform decision-making, and ensure that programs and policies are developed using a racial equity lens.

Steering Committee (Phase I: Establishing the Foundation)


Gladys Oliveros July 13, 2013 ·


Congressman James McGovern, one of my favorites politicians, old friend of mine and who loves Colombia, he was couple years ago in Medellin....better said...was in Castilla, La Comuna Norte!!!! talking with my camarade Juan Aristizabal and my neirghbors on my home BARRIO!!! Jim is going back to Colombia this August he told me. Good luck Congressman McGovern!!! we love you!!! Colombia is wating for you!!! :-)) — with Monica Maria Penagos, Tito Jackson, Jorge E. Torres F., Daniel Vasquez, Deeqo Jibril, Beatriz Ele, Juan Aristizabal, Veronica Robles, Lucy Pineda, Salvatore LaMattina, Michelle Wu, Alejandro Magno, Patricia Flores, Fabian Paternina, Beatriz Valenzuela Valenzuela, Adrian Velazquez, Victor Hugo Giraldo, Luzmar Centeno, Monica Rodriguez, Mario Teran, LasParceritas DianayAngelica, Yoelis Correia, Ulrico Charles Izaguirre, Ana Paulina, Juan Carlos Montoya, Johanna M. Jimenez Zapata, Marta Valencia, Margarita Quintero, Beatriz Elena Taborda, Liliana Cuentera Hortensia, Gloria Oliveros, Franz Israel, Edwin Gil, Saul Garcia, Christian Henao, Luis Valerio, Peggy Pratt Calle, Patty Campatelli, Ernani DeAraujo, Claudia Y. Correa and KX Jimtor.


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