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Refuse Fascism highlights MIT Letter

Mia Goldwasser

Signed 'Faculty for Democracy' letter

Mia Goldwasser signed a letter which was referenced at REFUSE FASCISM, a front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party.[1]

Faculty for Democracy is a call by members of Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT faculty to collectively respond to "…any steps taken by the Trump administration that would undermine the democratic processes, or that would slow progress towards a more just and equitable society in America." The phrase "We believe that collective acts of resistance are necessary" is also in the letter.[2]


Resilient Boston is the result of input from more than 11,000 Bostonians. It reflects a collaborative and inclusive approach to developing solutions to address racial equity and resilience challenges. It seeks to break down typical City silos, use data to inform decision-making, and ensure that programs and policies are developed using a racial equity lens.

Steering Committee (Phase I: Establishing the Foundation)