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Soya Jung

Soya Jung has been active in the progressive movement for the last 20 years. During the ‘90s she worked as a reporter at the International Examiner, communications and policy staff for the WA State House Democratic Caucus, and executive director of the Washington Alliance for Immigrant and Refugee Justice. She was the founding chair of the Asian and Pacific Islander Coalition, which formed in 1996 to restore food and cash assistance for low-income immigrants and refugees in Washington State. During the 2000s Soya was the Director of Grantmaking at the Social Justice Fund, a public foundation supporting progressive organizations in the Northwest, and consulted for various institutions including the Western States Center, the Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity, the Nonprofit Assistance Center, the City of Seattle, the Washington State Budget & Policy Center, and the Anti-Hunger and Nutrition Coalition. In her volunteer time, she serves as the board chair of Grassroots International, which funds resource rights in the Global South.[1]

Lives in Seattle, Washington. In a relationship with Brandon Wong.


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