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Radical Education Project described itself as "an independent education. research and publication program, initiated by Students for a Democratic Society, devoted to the cause of democratic radicalism and aspiring to the creation of a new left in America.[1]


REP began as a non-profit, educational organization in early 1966 manned by volunteers in one room at 510 East William St., Ann Arbor, Michigan.

By 1968 it had grown into seven rooms at 109 Miller Ave., Ann Arbor, with "a growing assortment of equipment, including especially a printing press generously loaned to us by Irene Schensted of Ann Arbor" and a paid staff of four full-time workers and one part time:

Nancy Bancroft, Janet Dowty, Stuart Dowty, James Jacobs, Donald McKelvey.

Initial finances for REP came mainly from the sale of literature and subscriptions (by 1968 around 1,000) to REP's newsletter, Radicals in the Professions.[2]


REP's 1968 sponsors were;

Robert W. Spike was an initial sponsor in 1966.[3]


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