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Linus Pauling

Dr. Linus Pauling

Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists

The Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists was formed in 1946 with the primary purpose of raising money for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the Federation of American Scientists and other public-education activities of the atomic scientists.[1]

The following were members of the Committee:[1]

Scientific and Cultural Conference for World Peace

Linus Pauling was a sponsor of the Scientific and Cultural Conference for World Peace which ran from March 25 - 27, 1949 in New York City. It was arranged by a Communist Party USA front organization known as the National Council of the Arts, Sciences, and Professions. The conference was a follow-up to a similar gathering, the strongly anti-America, pro-Soviet World Congress of Intellectuals which was held in Poland, August 25 - 28, 1948.[2]

Scientists' Appeal to Stop the Testing of Nuclear Bombs

On May 15, 1957 Dr. Pauling wrote and issued the now famous Scientists' Appeal to Stop the Testing of Nuclear Bombs, following a lecture at Washington University in St. Louis. In a week he had twenty-six signatures; ten days later two thousand American scientists had already signed it. Shortly thereafter, he and his wife sent out from their Pasadena home, helped by a voluntary task force some of whom were such Unitarians as Mary Clarke and Janet Stevenson, letters asking for signatures from scientists all over the world. Seventy-five hundred scientists sent their signatures, including thirty-seven Nobel Laureates.

Fulton Lewis, Jr. surmised in his syndicated column that some sinister organizations must have invested at least $100,000 in this vast achievement. Actually, Dr. Pauling noted in No More War, the cost was $600, and that from his own purse. On January 13, 1958, eight months after this first appeal, Linus and Ava Helen Pauling in person presented the petition to United Nations Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold in New York. By that day the total number of signatures was 11,021[3]

National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee

As of May 1964, Linus Pauling Nobel Laureate: Chemistry Peace, was listed as a sponsor of the Communist Party USA front, National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee.

1979 WILPF conference

A proud achievement for Santa Cruz activiist Lucy Haessler was organizing the 1979 national WILPF Biennial Conference at UCSC. Lucy Haessler invited Linus Pauling to be the main speaker. Ava Pauling also attended. Rep. Leon Panetta was keynote speaker and Randall Forsberg, founder of the nuclear Freeze movement, was also part of the program. This successful event elevated Santa Cruz WILPF permanently into the orbit of outstanding WILPF conferences.[4][5]

Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign

Circa early 1980s, Linus Pauling was an endorser of a US-Soviet Nuclear Weapons Freeze petition circulated by the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, National Clearinghouse, based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Communist Party supporter

The House Un-american Activities Committee wrote in its own record that;[6]

"Doctor Linus Pauling is primarily engrossed in placing his scientific attainments in the service of a host of organizations which have in common the deep subservience to the communist party of United States of America..."

Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute

As of January 2013, board members of the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute, were listed as:[7]