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Qiao Collective is a collective of diaspora Chinese challenging U.S. aggression on China. We aim to challenge rising U.S. aggression towards the People’s Republic of China and to equip the U.S. anti-war movement with the tools and analysis to better combat the stoking of a New Cold War conflict with China.

We seek to be a bridge between the U.S. left and China’s rich Marxist, anti-imperialist political work and thought in order to foster critical consideration of the role of China and socialism with Chinese characteristics in contemporary geopolitics.

We aim to disrupt Western misinformation and propaganda and to affirm the basic humanity, subjectivity, and political agency of Chinese people. We believe misinformation, chauvinism, and false equivalencies have weakened the U.S. left’s ability to understand aggression on China in the larger context of Western political, military, and economic imperialism in the Global South. We aim to confront the internalization of U.S. propaganda amongst the U.S. left by critically and realistically examining China’s role in the world struggle against imperialism and capitalism.

We work to provide a lens into China’s role in supporting an emerging bloc of independent Global South nations mutually threatened by Western economic, military, and political violence. We are committed to the principles of socialist internationalism and strive towards solidarity and mutual exchange between China in its socialist path and the liberation movements of all Global South and colonized peoples.

It was formed in January 2020. Most members are America but some are in China.

About our name

As a reflection of our intention to bridge Chinese Marxist anti-imperialist critique to the United States left, our name (桥) plays on the Chinese words 桥 qiáo (meaning bridge and pronounced “chee-ow”) and 华侨 huáqiáo (meaning overseas Chinese). [1]






December 6 @ 2020 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm. . In the face of growing, bipartisan US aggression on China, misinformation, racist narratives, and warmongering make it difficult to understand the situation clearly. It is the responsibility of all people who hope for a world without war, discrimination, and marginalization to understand the situation and do what we can to make a change. Join us for the second in a two-part teach in to hear from diverse voices from different sectors of society as we consider what actions we can take: What can we as organizers, activists, students, workers, do to push for deescalation and an end to this US-imposed new cold war?


PSL Connection

In June 2020 Qiao Collective partnered with the Party for Socialism and Liberation to present a 1.5 hour class focused on the principles and evolution of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The class touched on common questions and controversies such as:

  • Is China capitalist? Is China revisionist? How can socialists address these questions?
  • An introduction to China's socialist market economy, state-owned enterprises, and the successes and contradictions of the reform and opening up era and the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics
  • The continuities and theoretical innovations of Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Thought, and Xi Jinping Thought
  • How to reframe Western approaches to discussing Chinese socialism
  • Understanding the US-China trade war and the capitalist world economy

As China’s global rise rivals U.S. hegemony, the number one priority of U.S. foreign policy is wage a demonization campaign against China. Since the Obama administration announced the Pivot to Asia, the U.S. has spent countless military dollars in the Pacific to encircle China. While the demonization and propaganda campaign against China has been at an all time high, the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the anti-China narrative.

As the outrageous, demonization campaign against China continues to grow amidst this crisis, The Party for Socialism and Liberation, in partnership with the Qiao Collective, is putting forth a five-part class series on China. The course will examine the construction of modern day China in the context of global imperialism, starting from the very first Opium war between China and Britain in the early 1800s. Imperial China, which was one of the most advanced civilizations of the world, quickly became a country looted and torn apart by many imperialist nations who wanted a piece of the pie. The course will examine China’s century-long national liberation struggle and the construction of socialism. The purpose of the class is to provide the necessary context for understanding modern China today, especially under the weight of U.S. imperialism.

Presenters included Satya Vatti and Sheila Xiao from Party for Socialism and Liberation and four members of the Qiao Collective. [3]



Jodie Evans of CODE PINK with Ray Huang, Sean Kang of Qiao Collective.

US and China relations


This sixth installment of the Friday Night Forums series CPE hosted in collaboration with The Red Nation and Arab Resource and Organizing Center examines the dynamics of US and China relations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar features presentations by Kevin Li Qiao Collective, Amanda Yee, and Alex Tom and is moderated by Hassan Muhammad - a member of The Red Nation.

Streamed live on May 22, 2020.

No to the New Cold War

Twitter advertisement for No to the New Cold War Zoom Meeting

A member of the Qiao Collective was a featured speaker at an anti-American, pro-China event called No to the New Cold War, which is affiliated to Code Pink and the ANSWER Coalition.

From their website as of July 25 2020:[4]

"This event will see some leading analysts from China, the US, Britain, India, Russia, Canada, Venezuela and Brazil come together to discuss how to counter the New Cold War."

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