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Patricia J. Williams...

"Blacks and Jews: Ambivalent Allies"

Alan Snitow's 1994,"Blacks and Jews: Ambivalent Allies" consisted of four 1 hour shows, co-Produced with Bari Scott and KPFA/Pacifica Radio

A four hour radio series looking at ethnic identity, stereotypes, racism and anti-Semitism, the Civil Rights Movement, and the potential future cooperation and conflict between the two ethnic groups. A cultural journey through music, storytelling, poetry and interviews throughout the U.S. With Cornel West, Michael Lerner, Henry Louis Gates, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Anna Deavere Smith, Steven Spielberg, and Patricia Williams.[1]

The Nation

In 2009 Patricia Williams was listed as a columnist for The Nation[2].

Kopkind Colony

The Kopkind Colony Honorary Board , as of 2015;[3] The Kopkind Colony Honorary Board, as of 2015;[4] Tariq Ali, Mandy Carter, Alexander Cockburn, Joan Didion, John Gregory Dunne, (in memoriam) Jewelle Gomez, Tony Kushner, Maria Margaronis, Neil Miller, Victor Navasky, Katha Pollitt, Edward Said (in memoriam), Ben Sonnenberg, Calvin Trillin, Patricia Williams

Critical race theory

Derrick Bell is often credited as one of the originators of critical race theory along with Richard Delgado, Charles Lawrence, Mari Matsuda, and Patricia Williams. [5].


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