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North Brooklyn Democratic Socialists of America is a New York affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.


The North Brooklyn Democratic Socialists of America started in June of 2017 when the Brooklyn branch grew too large to function effectively and democratically. We split into three branches, North, Central and South Brooklyn. In August 2018 they had 800 members in North Brooklyn alone.

Engage slate


Jamie Peck June 23 2019 ·

Greetings, NBK DSA comrades! I'm stoked to announce that I'm running for CLC (citywide leadership committee) rep with a slate of hard-working and visionary organizers I would trust WITH MY LIFE...and more importantly, the future of NYC-DSA. If you're a member of NBK DSA, I hope you'll consider voting for us! ("us" = Abby Sosna, Jordan Leon-Atkins, Matt Hochler, Matt Rudinski, Rahel Biru, Siobhan Ebert, Brendan O'Connor, Charlotte Albrecht, Emmy Hammond, Michael T. Mordowanec, Byron Solh, Justin Charles and myself!)


North Brooklyn Democratic Socialists of America held elections for Organizing Committee, Steering Committee Rep, and CLC delegates, establishing new leadership branch-wide in 2019. The Organizing Committee is now Rahel Biru, Siobhan Ebert (Co-Chairs), Niall Reddy (Secretary), Abby Sosna (Treasurer), Jordan Leon-Atkins (Working Group Coordinator), Maia Rosenberg (Outreach Coordinator), Isabel Anreus (Spanish-language Outreach Coordinator), and Osman Chaudhary (Membership Coordinator). The Steering Committee Rep is Justin Charles. NBK’s new CLC delegates are Jeremy Cohan, Emmy Hammond, Andrea Guinn, and Brenden O’Connor. [1]

Teacher solidarity

Jeremy Cohan January 14 2019·


North Brooklyn Democratic Socialists of America Night School in solidarity with the LA teachers! — with Erin Helen, Carrington Morris, Melissa Cail, Anders Lee and Osman Chaudhary at Mayday Space.


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