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Nelson Peery

Nelson Peery. founded the People's Tribune in the 1970s. He is author of, “Black Fire: The Making of an American Revolutionary,” his sequel, “Black Radical: The Education of an American Revolutionary,” “The Future is Up to Us,” and many other works. Nelson Peery has over 70 years in the revolutionary movement.[1]

Provisional Organizing Committee

Several hundred stalwart communists such as Nelson Peery in California and Harry Haywood formed the Provisional Organizing Committee for the Reconstitution of a Marxist-Leninist Party (POC) in 1958.

This was the first group of the New Communist Movement. [2]

Malcolm X conference


A conference, Malcolm X: Radical Tradition and a Legacy of Struggle was held in New York City, November 14 1990.

The "Black Liberation and Social Revolution: U.S.A. Perspectives" panel consisted of;



Black Radical Congress

In March 1998 “Endorsers of the Call” to found a Black Radical Congress included Nelson Peery, League of Revolutionaries for a New America[3].

At the June 1998 Black Radical Congress in Chicago, militants of an older generation were assigned to work with younger comrades.

On Friday evening there was an inter-generational dialogue which was an attempt to blend an historical and contemporary review of the Black liberation struggle by means of older and younger activists interviewing one another.

Veteran activists Kathleen Cleaver, General Baker, Barbara Smith, Ahmed Rahman, Angela Davis and Nelson Peery were "paired up with younger activists" Van Jones, Kim Diehl, Kim Springer, Fanon Che Wilkins, Kashim Funny, and Quraysh Ali Lansana, respectively[4].

People's Tribune

People's Tribune is the newspaper of League of Revolutionaries for a New America.

As of January 2015, the Editorial Board included;[5]

Board Members:

League comrades

Daymon J. Hartley January 5, 2014 · League of Revolutionaries for a New America leaders.


With Cathy Talbott, David Smokler, General Baker, Darryl Waistline Mitchell, Nelson Peery, Jerome Scott, Dorothy Pinkney, Marian Kramer, Claire McClinton and Sandra Reid. Plus Edward Pinkney.