Murad Awawdeh

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Murad Awawdeh Vice President of Advocacy at The New York Immigration Coalition.

South Brooklyn DSA Official Closed Group

Members of the South Brooklyn Democratic Socialists of America Official Closed Facebook Group, as of October 15, 2017 included Murad Awawdeh.[1]

Board members

Muslim Democratic Club of New York April 1 2018:


Congratulations to the newly elected 2018 Muslim Democratic Club of New York (MDCNY) Board Members!

MDCNY is the first city-wide Muslim American Democratic club in the country, dedicated to empowering the Muslim community though political activism. Join our movement. #MuslimDems #MuslimVOTE — with Murad Awawdeh, MK Mohammad Khan, Rama Issa-Ibrahim, Sadaf Mehdi, Mamadou Sire Bah, Aliya Latif, Ali Najmi, Faiza N. Ali and Zohran Kwame Mamdani.

Linda Sarsour

Muslim Democratic Club of New York March 28, 2015:


Happy #spicy35 Birthday to MDCNY Board Member Linda Sarsour and thank you for serving as our President for back to back terms! Here's to 35 more years of consistent, strategic civic engagement in NYC Muslim communities. #MuslimDems — with Linda Sarsour, Aliya Latif, Saubirah Hk, Merium Malik, Anthony Jones Forstateassembly, Mohammed AbuJayyab, Murad Awawdeh and Faiza N. Ali.