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Marcela Mitaynes

Template:TOCnestleft Marcela Mitaynes was evicted from a rent-controlled apartment in New York, prompting her to agitate for free housing for all. Born in Peru, Marcela Mitaynes believes housing is a "human right."[1]

Delegation to Peru


This week the Democratic Socialists of America is proud to announce the departure of our election observer delegates to the second round of Peru’s Presidential Elections on June 6th 2021.

The Democratic Socialists of America is committed to upholding democracy within our hemisphere and is excited to take part in observing an election which is critically important for the future of Peru. This delegation will be the first time that DSA has led an observer delegation.

This is an uncertain time for Peruvian politics. Peru has seen presidential resignations and impeachments that have left the country cycling through four presidents in three years. The Peruvian working class has bore the brunt of this political uncertainty, seeing a COVID-19 response that has been one of the worst in South America. These elections give the Peruvian people a chance to chart a new step forward in resolving the political gridlock that has dominated Lima.

Our delegation will be in close coordination with other observer delegations on the ground in our united commitment to uphold democracy. DSA’s delegation will also consist of members of our National Political Committee as well as Carlos Ramíirez Rosa, alderman from Chicago, and Marcela Mitaynes, member of the New York State Assembly.[2]

Other delegation members included Austin Gonzalez is a member of DSA’s National Political Committee and International Committee from Richmond, Virginia. He is also a co-host of Machete y Mate, a “Revolutionary Marxist program for the Latinx community in La Patria Grande and the global Diaspora.”[3]

Campaign manager

Alex Pellitteri was campaign manager for DSA endorsed Assemblywomen Marcela Mitaynes. [4]

"DSA NY state legislature victories"

From Liza Featherstone in Jacobin:

In New York, the organization won five contests for state-level government, reelecting Julia Salazar to State Senate and electing Jabari Brisport to join her, while three more DSA-endorsed candidates (Marcela Mitaynes, Phara Souffrant Forrest, and Zohran Mamdani) head to the state assembly. Two other DSA members, Emily Gallagher and Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, both formidable activists whose races were not endorsed by the organization, also won seats in the assembly. [5]

DSA for the Many slate

A belated congratulations to the socialist sweep known as the DSA for the Many slate: Jabari Brisport, Julia Salazar, Marcela Mitaynes, Phara Souffrant Forrest and Zohran Kwame Mamdani. This is what happens when everyday people — a nurse, a teacher, a tenant organizer, and a housing counselor — get organized and run on socialist values. We’re so excited to see what this group will do to change politics as usual and how they will continue to fight for and with the working class.[6]

Socialist campaign manager

Labiba Chowdhury:

“Currently, I am the deputy campaign manager for Marcela Mitaynes, a DSA- and Working Families Party–endorsed candidate for State Assembly in New York. Most of my work is helping build a grassroots-funded campaign that centers empowering the working class of Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, and Red Hook. We are building our campaign so that people stay engaged and empowered beyond voting.”[7]


A longtime member of the DSA, state Senate candidate Jabari Brisport received an endorsement from the organization on Sept. 19, along with state Assembly candidates Marcela Mitaynes, Boris Santos and Phara Souffrant Forrest.

A newer member of the DSA, Marcela Mitaynes works as a tenant activist for the nonprofit Neighbors Helping Neighbors, which pushed for the progressive Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act. Mitaynes became passionate about housing activism after a landlord kicked her out of a rent controlled building.

Now, she’s hoping to create even stronger housing policy, opposed to just advocating for it, by becoming an Assembly member, bringing her activist spirit to District 51, which includes Brooklyn’s Sunset Park and Red Hook neighborhoods and parts of South Slope, Bay Ridge and Borough Park. The district incumbent is Assistant Assembly Speaker Felix W. Ortiz, who has served in the Assembly since 1994.[8]

Seeking DSA endorsement

Brooklyn Democratic Socialists of America’s electoral working group recommended four New York State Assembly and Senate candidates for endorsement in a closed meeting Wednesday night. The candidates would present primary challenges in seats currently held by: Velmanette Montgomery in the 25th Senate District (who reportedly may retire); Felix Ortiz in the 51st Assembly District; Erik Martin Dilan in the 54th Assembly District; and Walter Mosley in the 57th Assembly District.

The candidates are Jabari Brisport in the 25th, Marcela Mitaynes in the 51st, Boris Santos in the 54th and Phara Souffrant Forrest in the 57th.

“There are still two more votes before anyone is officially endorsed (local branch and citywide leadership),” Cea Weaver, a member of NYC DSA’s steering committee, told the Brooklyn Eagle. “But the electoral working group recommendations carry a lot of weight.”

Two of the challengers are tenant organizers: Mitaynes with Neighbors Helping Neighbors in Sunset Park, and Forrest with the Crown Heights Tenant Union. Santos recently stepped down from his job as chief of staff to Brooklyn State Sen. Julia Salazar (also a DSA member) to run for office.

Brisport ran unsuccessfully on the Green Party line for Crown Heights Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo’s seat in 2017.

Brisport and Santos are both longtime DSA members, while Mitaynes and Forrest recently joined the organization.[9]