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Mike Israel, before joining Democratic Socialists of America, was an active member of Sacramento’s Industrial Workers of the World and of General Assemblies in Sacramento, Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne counties. He worked as a rep for SEIU 1021. [1].


Mike Israel was killed by Turkish bombs on November 24, 2016. He sacrificed his life for the revolution in Rojava, where he volunteered with the predominately Kurdish YPG. Before he left, he was active in the Sacramento locals of DSA, where he served as co-chair, and the IWW.[2]


Today, like many days, we remember Michael Israel- our fallen comrade and former co-chair of the Sacramento chapter of the Democratic Socialists

Mike Israel
On Nov. 24, 2016 Michael was killed by the Turkish government while fighting for the YPG in Rojava. Michael was the co-chair of our chapter from 2013-2014. He was instrumental to rebuilding this chapter; radicalizing everybody that his life had touched. But he didn’t live to see the growth of the organization that he helped lay the foundation for. Today, many of our members never got the opportunity to know Michael, but whether we knew him directly or through the retelling of his story, he will always be our comrade.
While in Rojava, Michael wrote in August of 2016, “The Rojava struggle is the most dynamic and groundbreaking revolutionary movement of our time. I am determined that it is the job of leftist allies and internationalists to rally behind this movement, to help build it up and learn from it…I'm calling on all of my friends and comrades to learn about the Rojava revolution and how they have been leading the charge in the war against ISIS fascists.” Earlier this year, members of our chapter formed a Rojava Solidarity Committee to study and promote a popular understanding of the region's history, and to support the people of Rojava and international volunteers in the region however we can.
Old and new DSA members alike carry on his legacy by organizing, striking, protesting, and building working class power as he would have done so vigorously, if he were still here. And so we must and will continue to fight for the ideals that Michael lived and died for- against capitalism and imperialism, for democratic socialism, and for a society free of sexism, racism, poverty, and fascism.[3]



Democratic Socialists of America: Denver June 11, 2017 ·

Brace Belden speaking in Sacramento on June 6th about DSA comrade Michael Israel's (RIP) participation in the Rojava Revolution.

Bera connection

Some of the Amador County residents who participated in the We Are One rally in Sacramento on Monday the 4th, 2011 were David Roddy and Mike Israel , Nora Coryell and Mike Pulskamp, and Janet Kendig, along with several others.

Ami Bera recognized us and stopped by to chat about his new campaign to defeat Dan Lungren and the need for solidarity amongst workers around the country. [4]

DSA Leaders

Sacramento Valley Democratic Socialists of America held a general membership meeting Sept 22, 2014 and elected an executive committee.[5].

Democratic Socialism 101

Democratic Socialism 101: Building a Political Revolution.

4799 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, Saturday 27 February 2016, 11:00 Organized by : Democratic Socialists of America, Sacramento Fighting against privatization, austerity, and brutality in California's capital city. Those indicating attendance on Wherevent included Linda Ann, Chels Wright, Kevin Carter, Adam Peichoto, Ian Lee, David Roddy, Mike Israel.[6]