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Dr. Martin Graham is a leading member of the Communist Party of Britain. Branch Secretary of Croydon Communist Party, and Convenor Communist University in South London.[1]

CPB Book-keeper and Accountant

At the January 2022 Communist Party of Britain executive committee meeting Martin Graham was elected CPB Book-keeper and Accountant.[2]

Economics Commission


Martin Graham is chair of the Communist Party of Britain's Economics Commission.

"Covid and Climate Change"

Bristol, Bath & Gloucester Communist Party of Britain March 2021.


Martin Graham CPB, Bevis Miller CPB, Scott Harvey YCL.

Executive Committee Report

Communist Party of Britain Executive Committee Report of work to the 54th Congress.

Officers and organisation 1. At its first meeting, in January 2015, the new Executive Committee elected the following officers:

Chair: Liz Payne Vice-chair: Ruth Styles General secretary: Robert Griffiths Trade union organiser: Graham Stevenson International secretary: John Foster Political education & cadre development organiser: Bill Greenshields Unity! editor: Anita Halpin National full-time officer: Ben Stevenson Morning Star organiser: Andy Chaffer Women’s organiser: Liz Payne (temporary) Communist Review editor: Martin Levy Treasurer: Martin Graham Media officer: Nick Wright.[3]

CPB committees

The January 2015 Communist Party of Britain EC also elected the following committees:

Party staffers

The Party received an urgent request from the Morning Star in March 2016 to permit the secondment of National Organiser Ben Stevenson to the paper. Several extensions turned this into a six-month commitment. While alternative arrangements have been made to increase staffing cover at Party Centre in the meantime, there has inevitably been some dislocation in our administration. Nonetheless, our thanks are due in particular to comrades David Pettifor, Alison Hogg and Martin Graham, all of whom have helped to ensure continuity in the work at Ruskin House.[5]



Party manual


Authors of the 2013 Communist Party of Britain manual were Richard Bagley, Martin Graham, Robert Griffiths, David Grove, Chris Guiton, Phil Katz, James Rodie, Ben Stevenson and Lynne Walsh.