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Keron Alleyne is a socialist running as a democrat for New York Assembly District 60.

'Support 13 Socialists Running For Office'

An Actblue Campaign promoted by the Democratic Socialists of America was promoted for New York socialists in December, 2020:[1]

"Support 13 Socialists Running For Office"
"DSA For The Many is back and we're bigger than ever before - way bigger."
"In 2020, you helped send Jabari, Julia, Phara, Marcela, and Zohran to Albany to fight for working-class New Yorkers. This year, our state slate has grown to include fellow incumbent comrade Emily Gallagher, five newly endorsed challengers - David Alexis, Samy Nemir Olivares, Illapa Sairitupac, Kristen Gonzalez, and Keron Alleyne - plus Mid-Hudson Valley DSA-endorsed Sarahana Shrestha and Lower Hudson Valley-endorsed Vanessa Agudelo. All 13 (!) of our candidates need your help to win reelection and continue our fight."
"DSA For The Many was able to send five proud socialists to Albany without a cent of real estate or corporate money. We raised thousands of dollars because people like you believed a better future was possible."
"Currently, DSA for the Many is supporting:"
"In 2022, our slate needs to be ready to fight off a real challenge from the Democratic Establishment. We need to be prepared to run and support ten campaigns to defend our movement and keep socialism strong in New York."
"That’s why we still need your help: because every donation helps to power a socialist future. One that won’t exist without the support of folks like you."
"We can win, but only together."


  1. Support 13 Socialists Running For Office (accessed on June 12, 2022)