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Green Country Democratic Socialists of America (formerly Democratic Socialists of America - Tulsa} is an Oklahoma affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.

DSA contact

Kyle Gordinier, was in 2017, contact for Tulsa Democratic Socialists of America Organizing Committee.[1]

McCray endorsement

Green Country Democratic Socialists of America October 15 2018:


At our November 2018 General Meeting, the assembly voted unanimously to endorse Ashley Nicole McCray for Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner. A true movement candidate that wants a radical shift away from the extractive, toxic practices in our state, we join now as a whole organization in the fight to preserve our state's land and water.

“We are not a disposable people and this is not a disposable land.” - Ashley Nicole McCray.


Green Country Democratic Socialists of America October 29 2018:


With Eve Ash, Xavier Doolittle, Matt Williams, Brad Janzen, Josef Dalaeli, Suzanne Schenewerk and Matt Carney.

Green Country Democratic Socialists of America October 21 2018:

We were able to organize within the past couple of weeks a team of a little over a dozen comrades to get our hands dirty and take action for our neighbors in Cherokee County. There will be more opportunities to come and remind ourselves of the many dimensions of the work! We now have plans to get more involved, both in voter outreach and further actions like this, within Tahlequah Oklahoma.


A special thank you to everyone that came, and to Solidarity Thru Food Kitchen - STuF and Tahlequah Community Building for organizing this event with us! — with Roberto Mendoza, Ashley Phillips, Jon Mctavish, Lee Morrison, Jordan Lee Harmon, Brancen Gregory, Suzanne Schenewerk and Chance Siribandan.

Green Country Democratic Socialists of America September 15 2018:


With Deon Devon Osborne, Dean Franklin Grove II, Nikol Kinu and Xavier Doolittle.

Green Country Democratic Socialists of America, March 14 2018


Green Country DSA and Oklahoma City Democratic Socialists enjoyed the Organizing 101 workshop by National Organizer Hannah Allison. We are ready to build and organize a strong grassroots movement to influence power over the state.

Immediate Action: Support and organize for the Oklahoma Teacher Strike! — with Mary Means, Crystal Rambo Raza, Xavier Doolittle, Jagger Stingley, Jorge Roman-Romero, Ida Marie Stallvik, Bailey Walker, Tigris Garcia, Rebecca LeAnn Pollard, Suzanne Schenewerk and Tyler Cawyer.

Green Country Democratic Socialists of America September 15:


With Deon Devon Osborne, Xavier Doolittle, Eve Ash, Jordan Lee Harmon, Brancen Gregory, Chance Siribandan, Mark Faulk and Roberto Mendoza.

Green Country Democratic Socialists of America, November 21 2017.

What makes for a productive meeting? We've been meeting regularly every week, trying to find out how we can build socialism in our communities, but we're also learning how to organize. We keep action and coalition focused. At our External Organizing Meeting were happy to have a neighbor from our coalition partner Dream Act Oklahoma - Tulsa, and to talk about some serious actions to take before the end of the year on tax reform and how to reach out to rural communities.

Credit to Austin Miller for the picture. — with Nathan C. Davis, Jorge Roman-Romero, Xavier Doolittle, Nikol Kinu, Suzanne Schenewerk, Jordan Mazariegos, Chance Siribandan and Emma Giles.

November 4 2017, near Tulsa, OK, With Suzanne Schenewerk, Jon Mctavish and Scott Carter
November 4 2017, near Tulsa, OK, with Kory Palmer, Suzanne Schenewerk, John Harlien III, Nikol Kinu and Ashley Phillips

Green Country Democratic Socialists of America December 1, 2017;

How do we spread the word about Oklahoma socialism? Tonight, a few of our members braved the cold and the crowds of First Friday to let people know how to get involved in building the movement. Thanks to everyone who helped out and everyone who stopped by--we hope to see you again soon! — with Josh Navarro, Emily Eldredge, Scott Carter, Caroline Sanstead, Suzanne Schenewerk and Jorge Roman-Romero.

Scott Carter, July 6, 2018;


Green Country Democratic Socialists of America at our table on First Friday caddy-corner to Woody Guthrie Center downtown Tulsa Oklahoma — with Chance Siribandan, Kory Palmer, Xavier Doolittle, Scott Carter at Woody Guthrie Center.

With Our Revolution comrades


Green Country Democratic Socialists of America. January 24 2018.

Medicare for All Watch Party with Our Revolution - Tulsa — with Austin Miller, Luke Harris, Brancen Gregory, Emma Giles and Jorge Roman-Romero at Pippin's Taproom at High Gravity.

2018 endorsements

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On March 21st 2018, Green Country Democratic Socialists of America passed a resolution establishing their endorsement process and electoral strategy, and endorsed two further candidates to build on our January endorsement of a candidate in the Democratic gubernatorial primary in 2016.

Our endorsed candidates for the 2018 June primary are as follows:

Constance “Connie” Johnson served as a State legislator for thirty-three years. A long time social justice advocate, Connie Johnson decided to run for governor in an effort to bring progressive and comprehensive reform to state politics. From the budget crisis that affects education and healthcare to the criminal justice system that disproportionately affects minorities, she is prepared to take bold and radical decisions that work for the people of Oklahoma. Sometimes called the “mother of the medical marijuana movement” due to her persistent advocacy on this issue, she was also instrumental and vocal in defending reproductive health rights, and tireless in her opposition to the death penalty. Connie was one of the first visible supporters of the Bernie Sanders campaign from her role as state vice chair in 2015, and is a card-holding member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Shay White is a social worker within Oklahoma’s public schools running for State House District 77. Due to her direct experience, she fundamentally understands the need for access to quality healthcare, education, housing, and other social services in Oklahoma. She also has no tolerance for injustice in her community, and seeks to make equity a fundamental part of her campaign. Standing to be the first woman or African American to be elected in her district, she embodies the idea that we need to broaden the horizon by electing a diversity of working class people to see change done. Her platform is builds on democratic and socialist principles, and would be positioned with the current organic movement to restore education along progressive lines to make a change at the capitol, in accountability with our local.
John “Jack” Harlien III is a fourth generation Tulsan running for City Council District 5, and a member of our local chapter. As far back as memory goes his family has been part of the working class, and has struggled to make ends meet. Going from job to job, and finding little security, he also spent a decade as his parents’ caretakers due to medical issues that couldn’t be covered by insurance. He organized with the local Occupy movement and even the Industrial Workers of the World, being a tireless activist and advocate that took his solidarity abroad, ending up in Iraq where his horticultural expertise was honed. His passion is in addressing the basic needs of people: shelter, nutrition, and care. That is why he is putting himself out to run openly as a democratic socialist in Tulsa, to bring direct answers to poverty, homelessness, and police overreach.[2]

General Meeting


General Meeting: Democratic Socialists of America Tulsa. Hosted by Democratic Socialists of America - Tulsa.

Saturday, April 1 at 3 PM - 4 PM CDT

East Side Activity Center, 1427 S. Indianapolis Ave.

Invited on Facebook