John Harlien III

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John Harlien III

Green Country DSA

In 2017 John Harlien III was affiliated with Green Country Democratic Socialists of America, Tulsa Oklahoma.

November 4 2017, near Tulsa, OK, with Kory Palmer, Suzanne Schenewerk, John Harlien III, Nikol Kinu and Ashley Phillips

2018 endorsements

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On March 21st 2018, Green Country Democratic Socialists of America passed a resolution establishing their endorsement process and electoral strategy, and endorsed two further candidates to build on our January endorsement of a candidate in the Democratic gubernatorial primary in 2016.

Our endorsed candidates for the 2018 June primary are as follows:

John “Jack” Harlien III is a fourth generation Tulsan running for City Council District 5, and a member of our local chapter. As far back as memory goes his family has been part of the working class, and has struggled to make ends meet. Going from job to job, and finding little security, he also spent a decade as his parents’ caretakers due to medical issues that couldn’t be covered by insurance. He organized with the local Occupy movement and even the Industrial Workers of the World, being a tireless activist and advocate that took his solidarity abroad, ending up in Iraq where his horticultural expertise was honed. His passion is in addressing the basic needs of people: shelter, nutrition, and care. That is why he is putting himself out to run openly as a democratic socialist in Tulsa, to bring direct answers to poverty, homelessness, and police overreach.[1]